Weddle-Transaxles-4-21-14Over the past decades, Weddle Industries has worked closely with Mendeola on their popular transaxles. Recently, we were very happy to announce that Weddle Industries secured the rights to become the exclusive producer of Mendeola MD transaxles.

We are now excited to announce that Weddle Industries will be the exclusive producer of Mendeola S4, S5, S4D, S5D and LQ6 transaxles. Weddle Industries has acquired all tooling, drawings and designs necessary to produce these transaxles. All kits and components will ship directly from Weddle’s facility in Goleta, California.

We are currently evaluating inventory levels to asses the task of getting these programs back into full production. We anticipate several months before the S4/5, S4D/5D and LQ6 programs are up to full speed. We realize the importance of these programs and have dedicated a large amount of our resources to make sure essential parts are available as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience.

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