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Moving across the scenic red rock terrain, we climbed and climbed until reaching the trailhead for Metal Masher. From this point Nena took the group into more technical terrain. Tires barked and suspensions flexed on the Jeeps. We rode along with Joe Osuch, owner of Arizona 4×4 Off Road Recovery (

Joe is in the business of recovering vehicles from remote off-road areas. If you ever get stuck, roll down a canyon, or just can’t get out—Joe will come out with his big yellow Chevy 4×4 pick-up. It is equipped with two 18,000-lbs. Superwinch recovery winches that will extract you back into civilization. During Easter Jeep Safari, Joe was out enjoying the tails in his smooth Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4-door JK called “Snow White.”


Sparco made their debut at this year’s Moab EJS. Look for some new off-road seats and safety gear in the near future for the Jeep JK from this reputable safety performance company.

After getting about half way through Metal Masher, we butted up against a very large group of Jeeps. The group was moving rather slow – so slow that we stopped to have lunch. After desert, the group ahead of us was still not moving. Nena made the call to turn around and head out, taking on Metal Masher backwards. At first it was a little disappointing, but tackling the obstacles backwards actually made for a completely different experience. In the end, it was the right choice. Wheels were turning and drivers were happy to be moving again.

As we headed south toward Gemini Bridge Road, Nena talked us into taking a side trip to see some natural stone bridges. This required getting out of the Jeep and taking a short 300-yard hike. At the trailhead, we strapped on hiking boots and started making steps toward the main attraction.

Gemini Bridges are two large parallel natural spans that bridge a deep canyon cut in the Wingate sandstone. The bridges are 89 and 70 feet long, each having a width of 26 feet. They are named after the Gemini twins of Roman mythology. There are no guardrails, so you don’t want to get too close to the edge. Odds of survival from the fall are pretty slim. The bridges are impressive from a safe distance.

After our Gemini hike, the Superwinch run concluded with a farewell and goodbye. We continued driving on dirt until hitting the 313, then a round trip to town on the 191. Total miles logged on this little off-road adventure was just over 50. Not bad for a busy day in Moab, UT.

Jeep Introduces 2015 Renegade at EJS

Impression: 2014 Jeep Cherokee Dakar Concept

Jeep Wrangler Maximum Performance Concept Vehicle

We would like to thank Nena Barlow for her excellent trail guiding and Superwinch for having us along on the run. We always have a good time with Gary and the Superwinch Crew. This years’ participants were also a good bunch, including the guys from Sparco and Falken Tire.



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