Neither Baja nor mother nature could stop the Galindo Motorsports #7 from charging through the pack at the Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 this past weekend. A last-minute course change due to an overnight winter storm which made the summit section impassable played well into the Galindo teams hands.

“I come from racing dirt-bikes where reading the terrain is key and could take you out if you make a mistake at the speeds you run.” said Steven Eugenio driver of record for the #7. “I knew that I had the advantage since no one was able to pre-run that section and we definitely capitalized on it!”

Having drawn 22nd starting position there were plenty of competitors the team had to get around on their charge to the front. “I really can’t say enough about the Kroyer power we’re running, Zeus is BAD, 135mph on the dry lake, we past guys there like they were tied to a post.”

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“One thing that made a huge difference were our new Toyo tires which just came on board this year and all I have to say is they are awesome! Not one flat all day and with some of the stuff we hit there should’ve been at least one. I’m very impressed!” said Eugenio.

“By far the best tire I’ve raced on,” Said crew chief and navigator Steve Covey. “Great acceleration and forward bite along with excellent braking. Tread compound is awesome. We hit a few high rocks where we would’ve had flats with other companies.” “We felt confident from the beginning they we could drive around most of those who were starting in front of us and that’s exactly what we did.”

“All of this is a great start” Said Eugenio. “We’re gunning for a championship this year and we’re standing good in points going into the Imperial Valley 250 race and we’re really excited about that.” “Imperial Valley is where I learned my skills and I’m excited to have that hometown advantage.”

“We really have to thank my father-in-law and team owner Fidel Galindo for the opportunity he’s given us with this truck and team.” Said Eugenio. “Together with our partners, sponsors and crew we going to make this championship happen!”

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