Off-Road maniac Josh Daniel has been methodically building his trophy truck program set to launch at the famed Mint 400. After racing for other teams for the past four years, Josh has decided to take destiny into his own hands and build a trophy truck program that is capable of winning in spectacular fashion. Josh is well known for being a fully committed driver not being satisfied with mid pack racing. His new trophy truck, built by Geiser Brothers and finished at Danzio Performance, is the first trophy truck in history to sport a custom twin turbo Danzio Performance engine capable of putting down over 1000 horsepower. Danzio Performance is known for integrating cutting edge technology to improve the performance of their race engines. Additionally, Danzio Performance enlisted the help of Life Racing, Turbonetics, and Rancho Drivetrain to push the limits of performance while maintaining reliability.

“We wanted to try and evolve off-road racing engine performance,” he said. “The twin-turbo package gives us more power when we need it. We have done our homework, we have tested thoroughly, and we have enlisted the help of industry experts. I am looking forward to getting out on the course and showing the world what “Gemini” is capable of.”

Josh’s team started with a Geiser Brothers chassis and finished the truck in house under the watchful eye of crew chief Josh Oneal. Josh’s team consist of engineer Chris Muzio, co-driver Allen Hickerson, crew chief and co-driver Josh Oneal, pit manager Richard Broos, pit manager Pat Dailey and scoring and timing manager Day Daniel.

The new team is title sponsored by Rockstar Energy and will run 40″ Yokohama Geolander project tires. The team is also supported by Jamar, Rancho Drivetrain, Turbonetics, Baja Designs, Daily Engineering, Richards Performance Mufflers, Dapper Man Brand, Mastercraft, Team Ford, Danzio Performance, D&D Laser Screed, Fox, Geiser Brothers, Heatshield products.

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