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– REDLYNER Racing (#4550) places 14th in the 2014 Griffin King of the Hammers Every Man Challenge (EMC) on February 6, 2014, in Johnson Valley, CA.  Ultra-4 racer, Jay Callaway, piloted his daily driven, street legal, 2000 Jeep Wrangler through the 120-mile race bringing a little bit of #mallcrawling to #KOH2014.

“I really just try and have the most fun with it. This sport can eat you alive with all of the stress and anxiety generated, but I wanted to show that it can still be fun and even a little entertaining along the way.” said Jay Callaway, driver for REDLYNER Racing. “This race is billed as one of the largest, toughest, single day races in the world and the goal was to take my daily driver and compete with the best out there. I couldn’t be happier with how my team did, but now the real work starts: getting it back to its freshly waxed mall crawler status.”

Involving the 4×4 Community
In an effort to share this adrenaline pumping unique experience, REDLYNER Racing opened up to the 4×4 community to build a complete race team comprised of volunteers from all corners of the U.S. Guys from North Carolina, Maryland, Illinois, Colorado, and California all jumped onboard to be a part of this race finishing team.

REDLYNER Racing Race Schedule 2014

Ultra4 King of the Hammers, EMC Feb ‘14
Dirt Riot March ‘14
RallyX March ‘14
Dirt Riot May ‘14
Dirt Riot June ‘14
Ultra4 September ‘14
About REDLYNER Racing #4550

Based in Charlotte, NC, this jeep wrangler TJ was built to handle the rough and unpredictable terrain of the shopping malls and day care during the week, and the relaxing and smooth landscape of the King of the Hammers on the weekend. A “do-it-all” finished product really was made possible by the well built ECGS axles mated to Clayton suspension that OMS Offroad setup. Going with Raceline wheels meant the tires could be driven off and it would still keep going. Olympus Offoad and Rugged Radios played a major role in the finish with the electronics and a huge thanks to Ruff Stuff Specialties for keeping the 4550 race car together with some quick welding in the pits.

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