Weddle-2014-Contingency-2-20-14Weddle Industries is proud to support off-road racing in 2014. We are excited to offer contingency support to racers for the following series: SCORE Off-Road Racing, Best in the Desert Off-Road Racing, MORE Desert Racing, SNORE Desert Racing, Extreme Desert Racing, Baja Racing of Texas (BRT), VORRA Off-Road Racing, Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing and Traxxas TORC Series supported by MORR.

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our contingency program. As the exclusive distributor of the Albins ST6-i Trophy Truck transmission, we have added several truck classes to our program including Trick/Trophy Trucks, Class 7200, and Pro2. Additonally, due to overwhelming demand, we have opened up our program to Class 11 racers in the SCORE, MORE, and SNORE series.

How our progam works:
In order to qualify for contingency awards, entrants must use Weddle products in the race vehicle.
Weddle Industries decals must be displayed prominently on each side of the vehicle during the race.
Photos and video: We strongly encourage the teams to submit photos or video of their vehicle at the race for additional 
exposure on and other promotional materials. Please submit media to:

Award recipients will recieve a Weddle Industries gift certificate redeemable with Weddle Industries or their transaxle builder.

Each contigency registration will recieve two Weddle Industries t-shirts.

Weddle Racing Gears are available for Mendeola MD4/MD5, S4/S5, and S4D/S5D transaxles; VW Type 1, 002, 091, and 094 transaxles; all Albins AGB/ST6, PBS and Weddle HV transaxles.


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