CORONA, Calif.
– Premier toy maker Tonka has become a partner with Team Lucas for the 2014 Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series and the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League.

Tonka, manufactured and licensed by Funrise Toy Corp., under license from Hasbro, made its debut in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series last year, sponsoring Pro 2 driver Myan Spaccarelli of Simi Valley, Calif.

“We decided to sponsor Myan to explore the program and experienced such amazing success and welcoming reactions from the racing public that it made sense to partner with Team Lucas in 2014 to expand our presence,” Funrise Vice-President of Marketing Kathy Hawk explained. “We want to continue to be the destination for kids in setting up Tonka Fun Zones at each race, where they can come play and get hands on with Tonka toys in our sand pits.”

“In addition, we are sponsoring each off-road race track’s five safety team vehicles, which will carry TONKA branding, and the crews, who will be wearing Tonka-branded fire suits.”

Tonka also has created a 15-foot inflatable dump truck that will be stationed on the track and will be, for the first time, selling off-road merchandise-t-shirts, hats, etc., at all events.

“The off-road program is only on the West Coast and we wanted to be involved in something that reached our fans in the Midwest,” Hawk said. “Pro Pulling was the obvious choice for Tonka. It just fits the brand and it resonates with hard-working families.”

Tonka will be sponsoring the Sullivan Racing Modified Tractor Team in the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League.

Tonka will consider jumping into more events offered in the Team Lucas portfolio during the 2014 season.

“We’re definitely open to being a part of events as they come up,” Hawk said. “We are always happy to be able to provide a destination for kids and parents to come play with Tonkas in-between races. They always leave with a smile.”

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