Johnson Valley, CA
– Tuesday marked the first days of qualifying for the multiple races being held at the 2014 Griffin King Of The Hammers. Casey Currie qualified the Currie Racing UTV, Modified Rock Crawler and Ultra 4 on the 1.2-mile course. The course featured a high-speed start along with numerous sections of rock variations. A total of 19 UTV’s qualified for Wednesdays race, with a time of 6:14.8 that set Currie at a 14th starting position. 34 UTV’s are registered for KOH UTV race.

The UTV race course would be 120 miles of punishing terrain. Rock sections would curse numerous racers and cause bottlenecks. Currie immediately put the pass on the slower UTV’s and quickly made his way towards the leaders. By race mile 51, Currie had gained 8 positions. Gaining these spots would give Currie the upper-hand and get ahead of the major bottlenecks. Currie pushed the Monster Energy Kawasaki Teryx’s stock motor to the limits across the dry lake bed and after a grueling 6 hours of racing, Casey and co-driver, Oren, would cross the finish taking a final podium position, 3rd place.  Along with Casey finishing, brother, Cody Currie would capture a 2nd place finish in the sportsman UTV class in his #22 Kawasaki Teryx.

Today Currie will be competing in the Smittybilt Every Man Challenge and will be the first off the line as he pulled off the number 1 qualifying spot on Tuesday. The #88 Modified Crawler will be going up against 38 other competitors.

The final race for the 8th annual KOH week-long event will be the Ultra4 race. Casey will be running his Monster Energy body and qualified for this race on Tuesday, but with another 47 entries scheduled to qualify on Wednesday, Casey’s qualifying results for the final race will not be finalized until Thursday morning.

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