Fans packed the slopes on either side of backdoor for the King Shocks Shootout. PHOTOS BY JOSH BURNS

Fans packed the slopes on either side of backdoor for the King Shocks Shootout. PHOTOS BY JOSH BURNS

King Shocks hosted a Monday night competition called the Shootout at Backdoor to kick off the week for the 2014 King of the Hammers. Over 50 racers signed up to tackle the ledge at Backdoor all while vying for the a $12,500 prize purse from sponsors King Shocks, 4 Wheel Parts, Raceline Wheels, RCV and Dynomax. There ended up being 43 racers taking runs during the event, with a great deal of carnage on the rocks that saw many racers leaving chunks of their cars out on the trail – or at least a little fluid.

Defending KOH champion Randy Slawson was the fastest driver with a time of 30.522 seconds, earning the first-place check of $7,000 for his efforts. Finishing just behind him in second was Californian Cody Waggoner with a time of 31.001 second, while Australian Ben Napier rounded out the top three with a time of 33.609 seconds. Ryan Delany of Oregon took fourth place with a time of 35.566 second, and Luke Wilson traveled out from Kentucky to earn fifth place with a time of 36.450 seconds.

The “Raceline Right Line” winner, who earned a set of wheels for his efforts, was Luke Wilson. The RCV crowd favorite winner was Matt Myrick with a busted knuckle, who earned $2500 to help ease the pain of his damaged rig. The fastest “East” winner was Luke Wilson, while the fastest “West” driver was Randy Slawson. There were three women tackling the event last night, and Charlene Bower earned the “best girl” award for her efforts getting up Backdoor.

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While some of the racers completed the Backdoor ledge, many left a trail of fluids and parts all over the trail.

King Shocks Shootout at Backdoor
1. Randy Slawson (Calif.) – 30.522 sec.
2. Cody Waggoner (Calif.) – 31.001 sec.
3. Ben Napier (Aus.) – 33.609 sec.
4. Ryan Delaney (Ore.) – 35.566 sec.
5. Luke Wilson (Ken.) – 36.450 sec.
6. Bobby Tanner (Ten.)– 36.528 sec.
7. Trent Trubenbach (Tex.) – 36.718 sec.
8. Avery Genosi (Calif.) – 36.999 sec.
9. Keith Kanig (Ore.) – 39.085 sec.
10. Richie Keith (Ten.) – 39.316 sec.
11. Justin Cardwell (Ore.) – 39.935 sec.
12. Mike Odom (Okla.) – 41.215 sec.
13. Jason Bartman (Ore.) – 44.434 sec.
14. Ryan Bramhall (Kan.) – 46.940 sec.
15. Perry Kirby (Tenn.) – 47.638 sec.
16. Ryan Miller (Ariz.) – 47.948 sec.
17. Randall Allen (Cal.) – 49.562 sec.
18. CJ Bynum (Miss.) – 51.918 sec.
19. Mike Slawson (Ore.) – 53.521 sec.
20. Noah Pomerantz (Ore.) – 54.848 sec.


Lights lit up the Shootout at Backdoor and fans packed the area like it was an off-road arena.

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