According to the Toyo Tires Dakar blog, BJ Baldwin is not continuing in the 2014 Dakar after a hole was found in his fuel cell before starting the 10th stage. Here’s what the Toyo blog said: BJ made the decision to not start this morning after a massive hole was discovered in the fuel cell end of day yesterday.  Of course it was a tough decision to not continue but also an easy one when he considered the risks and his family.

Baldwin offered more on his Instagram feed about his reason for not continuing here:

Day 11 After yesterday’s stage we brought our #Dakartruck, to service. After refueling the vehicle we discovered a massive hole in the fuel cell. In this vehicle the engine is mounted in the middle of the truck close to the fuel cell. The fuel cell mounts failed causing the fuel cell to apply pressure to the front of the engine’s water pump which drilled a hole in the fuel cell during yesterday’s race. Fortunately when the puncture occurred we had very little fuel left. Our only option was to attempt to patch the cell, replace the broken cell mounts, and try to continue. We don’t know why the mounts broke and logic would tell me that if they could break once they could easily break again and rupture the already weakened fuel cell. The exhaust system on this vehicle is close to the fuel leak in the cell. A fuel leak could easily ignite and cause the car to burst into flames. Driving this truck in it’s current condition is much too dangerous. With my family in mind this was an easy decision for me to discontinue the #Rally. No reason to put myself in an extremely dangerous situation just to finish the rally. I know I will receive some criticism for my actions. That’s fine, cast all the stones you like. My #family needs me, my son needs me. I am choosing to be around for him. I will see my son grow up, graduate, and have a family of his own. No race is more important than that. Special thanks to #Jeffriesracing and EVR for all of their hard work in preparing this #racetruck every day. They took on every challenge this #truck threw at them with incredible enthusiasm. I am truly blessed to have been a part of such a hard working dedicated group of people and I look forward to working with them in the future. 2015 #Dakarrally is only a year away and I’m already making preparations to compete again. This time with a more robust well tested truck that is better prepared for the rigors of #Dakar. Thanks to everyone for all of your continued support. And a special thanks to all of my followers that stand by my decision to put my safety and my family first. Stay tuned for my 2014 event schedule.

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