World Rally Ranking LogoSébastien OGIER is without question the number 1 of international rallying, as confirmed by the 2013 WRR (World Rally Ranking) promoted by the IRDA (International Rally Drivers Association), the first place is always occupied by the French driver, in second place the Belgian Thierry Neuville, the podium is completed by Finnish Jari-Matti Latvala. These three drivers are followed by 935 rally drivers from the 5 continents and 75 countries in the world, after the running all international rallies in the FIA calendar 2013, have scored the necessary results to enter the World Rally Ranking. This is the final standing of the new IRDA ranking for the first 15 positions:

Position              Driver Name                                     Nationality                                         Points
1                             Sebastien Ogier                              France                                                 7005
2                             Thierry Neuville                             Belgium                                              5655
3                             Jari-Matti Latvala                           Finland                                               5385
4                             Mads Ostberg                                  Norway                                               5130
5                             Jan Kopecky                                      Czech Republic                                4966
6                             Mikko Hirvonen                             Finland                                               4860
7                             Daniel Sordo Castillo                    Spain                                                   4515
8                             Evgeny Novikov                              Russia                                                  4035
9                             Abdulaziz Al Kuwari                      Qatar                                                   3915
10                           Martin Prokop                                 Czech Republic                                3750
11                           Nasser Al Attiyah                           Qatar                                                   3699
12                           Bryan Bouffier                                 France                                                 3211
13                           Craig Breen                                       Ireland                                                3206
14                           Khalid Al Qassimi                           United Arab Emirates                   2844
15                           Andreas Mikkelsen                       Norway                                               2730

Julien INGRASSIA is the number 1 codriver of international rallying, the first place is always occupied by the French codriver, in second place the Belgian Nicolas Gilsoul, the podium is completed by Finnish Miikka Anttila. These three codrivers are followed by 964 rally codrivers from the 5 continents and 78 countries in the world, after the running all international rallies in the FIA calendar 2013, have scored the necessary results to enter the World Rally Ranking. This is the final standing of the new IRDA ranking for the first 15 positions:

Position              Codriver Name                                Nationality                                         Points
1                             Julien Ingrassia                               France                                                 7005
2                             Nicolas Gilsoul                                Belgium                                              5655
3                             Miikka Anttila                                  Finland                                               5385
4                             Jonas Andersson                            Sweden                                              5130
5                             Pavel Dresler                                   Czech Republic                                4966
6                             Jarmo Lehtinen                               Finland                                               4860
7                             Carlos Del Barrio                             Spain                                                   4515
8                             Giovanni Bernacchini                   Poland                                                4164
9                             Ilka Minor-Petrasko                      Austria                                                4035
10                           Michael Ernst                                   Czech Republic                                3750
11                           Kiljan Duffy                                       Ireland                                                3150
12                           Maciej Baran                                    Poland                                                2898
13                           Scott Martin                                     Great Britain                                    2844
14                           Paul Nagle                                         Ireland                                                2669
15                           Janne Ferm                                       Finland                                               2539

To be able to see all the ranking standings, drivers, codrivers, manufacturers, car models and nations, please visit the www . worldrallyranking . com website, and insert your e-mail address in the form. You will immediately receive the password to access all the data and the various ranking standings.

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