Radar-Tires-Lucas-Oil-2013-12-10-13Traverse City, Mich., – In its rookie year of off-road racing, Radar Tires battled against some of the fiercest competition of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS). Despite the rookie moniker, racers using Radar Tires proved that they were competitive and durable, showed speed and proved their potential at some of the toughest door-to-door and wheel-to-wheel events this season.

Mike Johnson, Doug Mittag and Jerett Brooks carried the Radar Tires flag in the ProLite Class.  Johnson was behind the wheel of the No. 31 Bronson Motorsports Toyota Tacoma sponsored by Radar Tires for the first part of the season.  At mid-season, Mittag took to the wheel of the No. 81 Bronson Motorsports Toyota Tacoma sponsored by Radar Tires when Johnson was unavailable to race.  Brooks was added to the Radar Tires team with his No. 77 Synergy Electric ProLite truck for the last two LOORRS events and the TORC races in Crandon, Wis., and Primm, Nev.

The three drivers and the rookie tire manufacturer had the speed and performance to battle with the other ProLite trucks; however, bad luck seemed to plague the drivers.  From massive contact in some races to engine overheating and failures, the Radar Tires drivers experienced the highs and lows of aggressive short track racing.

One of the major highs of Radar Tires’ short track racing season took place in September during the Traxxas The Off-Road Championship Series (TORC) event.  Brooks earned a second-place finish during the TORC event in Primm, Nev.  It was Radar Tires’ first short-course podium finish.

Even though the LOORRS record books will show no wins or podium finishes for Radar Tires in the 2013 season, the tire manufacturer is proud of the potential shown in this first year of competition. The Renegade R5 M/T tire had excellent longitudinal and lateral traction, performance and wear, proving its competitiveness in short course racing.  The tires showed no thermal issues (tires did not blister) following each race and there were no product performance issues.  The on-track performance demonstrated that Radar offers high-quality products at a very reasonable price point.

“We are proud of the performance of Radar Tires in the LOORRS debut season,” said Gary Blalock, Radar Tires Motorsports Manager.  “Our partners – Bronson Motorsports, Synergy Electric Racing, and drivers Mike Johnson, Jerett Brooks and Doug Mittag – were instrumental in the success of this rookie season, and our efforts certainly complimented each other.  The results were not what we desired, but the potential was clearly demonstrated that Radar Tires are very competitive in ProLite.  We look forward to applying what was learned in 2013 to next season.  We expect to be a force to be reckoned with in the 2014 Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series.”

Radar Tires chose off-road motorsports to showcase the Renegade R5 M/T tire, which features open blocks for mud dispersion, deep tread blocks and reinforced shoulders. This tread pattern and rigorous construction is ideal for the surfaces encountered on short course tracks such as Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino, Calif., and Firebird Raceway in Chandler, Ariz. as well as the open desert of Baja California in the legendary SCORE Baja 1000, the most iconic of all off-road races.

“Synergy Electric Racing was thrilled to be representing Radar Tires in its first year of short course racing.  We were proud to be able to get Radar Tires on the box and earn that first short course podium during the TORC race in Nevada.  That was a moment I’ll never forget.  It was such a great accomplishment for me as a driver and for Radar Tires.

“Since it was Radar Tires rookie season in LOORRS, to be able to compete against the other tire companies was huge.  The tires were competitive and really upped our performance.  The Synergy Electric Racing team received amazing trackside support.  We could not have made the strides we did if it wasn’t for Gary Blalock, Moe Mauhili, Scott Rhodes and Casey Robinson.

“The best part about working with Radar Tires was that it was like a family- everybody working together to get on the box.

“Radar Tires, Omni United and the entire trackside team helped us stay competitive because of the knowledge behind the tires and the team effort.”

“My time in the Radar Tires-sponsored LOORRS truck was brief, but it was definitely a learning experience.  I’ve raced in LOORRS before and the competition was absolutely fierce in the Pro Lite class.  I raced the first four events before my non-racing injury forced me to the sidelines and rest.

“I kept tabs on the team and Doug’s progress while I was recovering.  They did an amazing job and were so close to getting Radar Tires’ first podium.  The Bronson Motorsports team grew by leaps and bounds in LOORRS and I’m proud of them for its development and progress with the tires.

“I tip my hat to John Hoffman for his leadership at Bronson Motorsports team and the Radar Tires program. I’m amazed at the tire Radar brought to the table for us to race on this year.  Radar Tires will be one to watch in 2014 and beyond.  They should be proud of this season and have set a foundation for a highly-competitive 2014 season.”

“It was a great opportunity to drive the Radar Tires-sponsored truck in LOORRS competition this season, even if it was for only a few races.  It was unfortunate that Mike Johnson was unable to complete in the latter part of the season, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to fill in for Mike in the last few races this year.

“The Bronson Motorsports team took me into their group immediately.  They had more than half the season under their belts, so it was an easy transition for me getting into the truck.  John Hoffman and his team knew exactly how to get the truck and Radar Tires running to their peak performance – it was an awesome experience.

“Radar Tires took a chance on me and put me in the truck.  Thanks to Radar Tires for letting me race in the truck and on its tires.  Moe Mauhili had the Radar Tires tuned exactly where they needed to be.  We were competitive and really wanted to get that first win in the record books, but LOORRS is so tough and the field is really competitive.

“We may not have stood on the box, but we made a name for Radar Tires in LOORRS.  The team never had a tire issue, which is huge in this sport.  Radar Tires will be one to watch in the coming years.”

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