Poison-Spyder-Logo-8-8-12December 4, 2013 • BANNING, CA — Poison Spyder JK Rocker Knockers are one of the most popular rocker protection armor products available from the aftermarket for the 2007 to current model Jeep JK Wrangler.  The rugged DOM tubular steel design, great looking removable skid plates which can be custom painted to either match or contrast with the Jeep, and unmistakable Poison Spyder styling have made the product a favorite among many Jeep enthusiasts.  Some, however, have wished the JK Rocker Knockers™ were available in a frame-mounted alternative to the traditional body-mounted design.  Poison Spyder recently announced that these customers’ wishes have come true, as a brand new frame-mounted version of the JK Rocker Knocker™ is now available through Poison Spyder and Authorized Poison Spyder Dealers.

“Some of our customers had pointed to competitors’ frame-mounted rocker protection, and asked if we could do something like that,” said Larry McRae, president of Poison Spyder.  “We looked at what was out there, but we weren’t satisfied with the way everyone else was doing it.”  McRae is referring to the typical design of using a mounting plate either bolted or welded to the side of the Jeep’s frame rail, with a simple piece of tubing extended out to the slider.  “While that concept can provide some strength to withstand side-loaded impacts, it provides little in the way of vertical strength—to withstand vertical forces like when you’re coming down off a ledge with the weight of the Jeep on the slider.”

Rather than a simple tube, Poison Spyder’s engineers designed a series of triangular, self-gusseted “outriggers” to provide strength in both the horizontal and vertical directions.  These outriggers are made of CNC laser cut, brake-formed 3/16” steel plate, and they attach to the Jeep’s frame on three planes—the bottom and side of the frame rail, and also the perpendicular sides of the body mount brackets—to provide the strongest mounting system of any frame-mounted rocker armor product on the market.  “We’re not the first to market with frame-mounted rocker armor for the JK,” concedes McRae, “but we took our time to design the best possible solution to the problem.”

Poison-Spyder-Rocker-Knockers-Frame-12-4-13Poison Spyder JK Frame-Mounted Rocker Knockers are available now for 2007 to current year model Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited (4-door), and will be available for 2-door models later in 2014.

ABOUT POISON SPYDER CUSTOMS:  Poison Spyder Customs has been at the forefront of off-road innovation since its inception. From its Banning, California facilities Poison Spyder Customs designs, manufactures and markets a growing line of off-road accessories and performance modifications for Jeep® vehicles. The majority of its sales are made through an extensive dealer network, and the company maintains a high visibility among off-road enthusiasts through heavy participation in off-road events, clubs, online enthusiast forums and social media.  For more information about Poison Spyder Customs, see http://www.poisonspyder.com.

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