Vision-X-Baja-1000-Off-Road-11-21-13Algona, WA – Racers using Vision X Lighting outshine the rigors and darkness of the the 46th Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 to claim multiple class wins and class championships.

The grueling yet majestic terrain in Baja California, Mexico put 251 starters to the ultimate test of man and machine as they forged through over 900 miles of mountains, deserts, deep sand washes, dry lake beds, silt beds, mud holes and cactus fields. After 18 hours of continual punishment the first finishers began cross the finish line, and after over 35 hours less than half of the starters would see the checkered flag.

Vision X Lighting would like to extend a special “Congratulations and Thank You” to all racers and chasers for trusting Vision X to brighten your SCORE Baja 1000 adventure, including:

Wilson Motorsports – Class 1 – 2nd Place & 8th Overall
Wilson Motorsports – Class 10 – 1st Place, 16th Overall & Class 10 Champions
Jagged X Racing – Pro UTV – 2nd Place & Class Champions
Coastal Racing / Holz Racing Products – Pro UTV – 1st Place & 31st Overall
Jim Anderson Class 10
Baja Challenge Class

Vision X Lighting would also like to thank all of those who took part in the 2013 Vision X Lighting Contingency program and look forward to continue the support in 2014.  For more information about Vision X Lighting, visit

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