KC-HiLites-Terrible-Herbst-11-12-13KC HiLiTES is proud to welcome Tim and Troy Herbst of Terrible Herbst Motorsports as the newest members of our ever-growing KC “Dirt Tribe”. Terrible Herbst Motorsports is the most winning off-road racing team in Baja history. When they line up their two Trophy Trucks to take the green flag at this year’s SCORE Baja 1000, Friday, November 15th, they’ll now be armed with the night shattering power of KC-POD HIDs

Recently, KC President & CEO, Michael DeHaas attended a test session in the desert outside Las Vegas as the Herbst team prepped for the upcoming race. Starting earlier in the afternoon to check the set up on the King shocks and try out some new BFG tires, the team worked well into the night where they had the opportunity to get the new lights precisely aimed and compare their performance to what they were running previously.

The first thing that made an immediate impact was the advantage of the KC-POD’s weight saving carbon fiber housing. The Herbst trucks had been running six of their previous brand lights on the upper light bar assemblies. With the new KC-PODs installed, they were able to run seven lights on each light bar and the entire set up weighed nine pounds less than it had with six of the old lights. On a race vehicle where every ounce counts, having more light at the same time as shaving weight is a substantial benefit.

The two Herbst Trophy Trucks will be packing a lot of KC power for the Baja 1000. Each truck will be running a total of 13 KC PODs, a 20-inch KC C-Series LED light bar and 4 KC CUBE compact LEDs.

Troy Herbst told Michael DeHaas during the testing, “It’s not that we were unhappy with our old lights, but I never had this much light before. This is awesome.” Also at the shakedown test were Herbst team drivers Ryan Arciero and Larry Roeseler. Arciero remarked, “These lights are incredible.” Larry Roeseler has been running four of the KC-PODs on his personal prerunner for some time. He told DeHaas that every time one of the Herbst brothers rode in his truck he would turn on the PODs and show them how well they performed. “I’m so glad they finally made the change. This is going to be really great for the 1000”, Roeseler exclaimed.

In addition to Terrible Herbst Motorsports, several other KC “Dirt Tribe” racers will be taking on the challenge of the Baja 1000. They include: Rob MacCachren, Cameron Steele, Heidi Steele and Ron Whitton in the Trophy Truck class. Lee Banning in Class 10. Donald Moss in Class 3 and Joe Bacal in Stock Full.

About the KC Dirt Tribe
The KC Dirt Tribe is a collection of world-class race drivers and off-road athletes that demand the same commitment to excellence on both a personal and product level that we have at KC HiLiTES. It is also for those individuals who share the “Tribe’s” extreme passion for off-roading and refusal to back down to any challenge.

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