Lovell-Baja-1000-11-12-13Colorado Springs – Team AMSOIL / Torchmate / BFGoodrich Tires partners & brothers Brad & Roger Lovell will return to the iconic SOCRE Baja 1000 this week to defend their 2012 Baja Challenge Class win. They join an expanded all-star team of BFGoodrich Brand Ambassadors.

For the first time ever, Team BFG will tackle the race in two Baja Challenge cars. Team drivers come from all forms of motorsports including pavement, rockcrawling, rally, short course, stunts, & various driving schools.

“It’s a huge privilege to be part of Team BFG and experience the Baja 1000,” commented Brad Lovell. “The Baja 1000 is the truest endurance test of man and machine. Its part racing, part military campaign, and part wild west. A true and rare adventure!” Each car will have six driver / co-drivers to relay the car to the finish line.

Terry Earwood
Andrew Cormie-Picard
Brad Lovell
Brian Finch
Larry McRae
Roger Lovell

BC-2 Driver Rotation
Start – RM 75          ACP / R Lovell
RM 75 – RM 209      R Lovell / ACP
RM 209 – RM 350    Earwood / McRae
RM 350 – RM 498    B Lovell / Finch
RM 498 – RM 689    Finch / B Lovell
RM 689 – RM 798    McRae / Earwood
RM 798 – Finish      ACP / R Lovell

Dan McKeever
Chad Gilsinger
John Williams
Kyle Tucker
Mike Johnson
Rich Minga

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