FMVSS - LogoSkyjacker has tested the new 2014 GM equipped with the 6-7” lift to prove compliance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS 126). Through SEMA and the advanced testing by Link Engineering that involves robotic steering and outrigger equipment they have demonstrated compliance with this safety standard and are proud to announce Skyjacker has successfully passed the rigorous FMVSS 126 physical testing.

A series of tests were done to measure the vehicles stability during the FMVSS 126 test. The sensors and monitors kept track of all the vehicles movements and dynamics as it passed down the track. These tests measure with great accuracy how the vehicle reacts after modification and was done to ensure Skyjacker products work in harmony with the Electronic Stability Control (ESC). The ESC is an active control system that affects both vehicle performance and safety to reduce rollovers.

The commitment to cutting-edge technology has been a huge focus for the company over 40 years in business. Lonnie McCurry JR said of the test “We feel by taking this additional step and having this third party testing done to show our lifts to be compatible with the ESC equipment is just another way to ensure that our customers know we go above and beyond to give them a quality product. We have always done testing in-house and built our products to surpass quality standards. We are enthusiasts and also get out and test our products in real world settings.” Through the efforts of SEMA, manufacturers have access to the standards and test procedures needed to self-certify and prove compliance with this new standard.



Skyjacker® has been providing premium quality aftermarket suspension lift kits, leveling kits and shocks for almost 40 years. With Skyjacker®, you can reap the benefits of a suspension that performs well beyond your basic ‘LIFT’.

Check out the FMVSS 125 testing video:

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