Team-KC-Hilites-BITD-10-25-13The KC Hilites/Glass Chiropractic Racing Team recently competed in the BITD Parker Desert Challenge.  This round of racing was hyped as the biggest of the year, since Team Ford Las Vegas/Steve Olliges and Kartek stepped up big time to provide the biggest payout of the year.  We headed to this round with a plan to pad the points lead, and take home the loot if possible.

This race had an unusual format, with two days of racing over a very short (turned brutally rough) course.

Day one found us starting in the 20th [side by side] row after a less than stellar qualifying run. Crew member Josh Budka navigated.  We got a good start and headed out first.  It was clear our suspension was near spot on as we hammered our machine to the limit and picked off other racers.  The closer to the front, the higher the pace.  There were dead racecars everywhere.  We hammered on and finished the day 2nd on the road, and in class less than 2 minutes out of first.

Day Two found us a little closer to the front based on the previous day’s results.  My truck builder/racing mentor, Curt LeDuc, drove as I navigated. Leaving the pits in first was key, and we did just that as we stormed off the start line.  We needed to chisel away the time deficit from saturday while ensuring a finish.  We charged through the first 50 miles and found ourselves 2.5 minutes ahead.  LeDuc is like a bulldog, in that he has steely nerves and never gets tired.  I reeled him in just a bit as we neared the finish to save the truck and seal the deal, first in class for the day, and the weekend!

During our post race debrief, LeDuc remarked how well the truck worked, this being a testament to all the testing we’ve done.  That’s big for our team.  Further, this race marked our 18th win in the “new” truck, and the 2nd for the year.  We sit atop the points lead heading into the last throw-down at the Henderson 250 in December.

Special thanks to Team Ford and Kartek for the biggest payday of the year.  Also, thanks to the crew, KC Hilites, General Tire, Ford, MSD Ignition, Trailready Wheels, King Shock, Pyrotect, Cliff Findlay Body Shop, Discount Sign, Jesel, Eibach Spring, Allcoat Powder Coating, Yukon Gear, K&N Filters, HarshCo Waterjet, Inland Empire Driveline, Summer’s Brothers Racing, and F&L Fuel.

Photo: Jason Cobb

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