Loanmart-Lucas-Oil-Finale-10-24-13Lake Elsinore, CA – The LoanMart Racing Team has battled intensely all season long in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. They have celebrated their successes and taken their lumps but never backed down from the challenge. Now they have one last race at Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park to add points to their tally. They will be looking to strike on the track and also on the lanes when LoanMart Racing hosts the Bowl for Cash bowling tournament for LOORRS competitors on Friday October 25th from 8-11 pm. $1500 dollars in cash and prizes will be up for grabs but all must pre-register to attend. Email to enter and let them know if you are in the industry, a pro, kid’s competitor or in the pit crew category.

On the track, Austin Kimbrell will be fighting for position while recognizing those who are battling breast cancer. His #88 Pro-2 truck will have a special pink and black paint job and graphics to highlight breast cancer awareness month. LoanMart and Kimbrell Racing hopes to raise awareness of the disease, urge people to contribute to the cancer charity of their choice and supports those who are affected by the disease.

In Pro-4 Corry Weller is looking to move up in the standings in this last race of the season. She is currently in ninth place but only trails Brandon Bailey by 8 points. After a full season of hard work finding the right set-up on her truck she has established herself in the Pro-4 class and is eager to get back on the podium.

In Prolite Oscar Rodriguez, Ryan Beat and RJ Anderson have all had up and down seasons. Oscar started out showing remarkable consistency. He hit a slump in the last third of the season but his seventh place finish in Las Vegas is a good sign that he is back on track. Ryan Beat should get an award for hardest working driver in the series. He has split his time between Prolite, Pro-2 and Pro-4.

RJ Anderson had a tough road all season defending his number one plate. When you are the champion, everyone is gunning for you. He had five wins so far but finds himself third in points with Sheldon Creed ahead by only 5 points and Bradley Morris trailing by 10. “It’s a bittersweet weekend for me,” says RJ, “I’m bummed that the championship is pretty much over.

We proved that our #1 LoanMart Prolite was fast in the second half of the year. I’m still excited to race on the track in Elsinore.”  RJ will also compete in a Pro-4 during the challenge cup race on Sunday. It will be an intense weekend for RJ, Ryan and Oscar in Lake Elsinore.

Dave Mason has had an impressive run this year in the Pro Buggy class. He started the season off with 8 straight trips to the podium. He is also third in points but trails second place Bradley Morris by only 7 points. “I’m excited to get back to my home track in Lake Elsinore,” says Dave, “I’m looking to have a great end to the season and hope to win the cup race for LoanMart. Their support has been huge this season and I’m already looking forward to next season.” The Pro Buggy race will be another one to watch this weekend and the challenge cup race on Sunday will have the Pro Buggies running their own race for the first time. No trucks trying to bang fenders with the open wheeled cars.

LoanMart hopes that everyone will have a chance to come out to Lake Elsinore to witness a great weekend of racing.

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