Weddle-u-joints-10-2-13Goleta, California — Newly developed by Weddle Industries, these heavy duty U-joints eliminate unwanted slop in your shift linkage. Nearly impervious to dirt, sand, and grit, these joints are designed to operate smoothly with zero slop, even in extremely harsh environments.

Originally developed for NASCAR steering systems, these joints have been modified by Weddle to fit various models of shifters and transaxles. They are capable of a 32 degree working angle and have sealed needle bearings for easy movement and precise action. The sealed bearings keep out the grime and ensure that these U-joints perform flawlessly, even in the nastiest off-road conditions. Competition proven. Made in USA.

About Weddle Industries:
Weddle Industries is a supplier of high-performance transaxle and driveline components for special application vehicles. The company is headquartered in Goleta, California, where they maintain a large inventory of racing gears, clutches, shifters, gear oil pumps, torque converters, axles, constant velocity joints, and other driveline products, all of which are available through an extensive dealer network. For additional information, visit

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