Lovell-Brad-Traxxas-TORC-Cup-10-1-13Colorado Springs, CO (Oct 1, 2013) — Short course racing never lacks for drama. Rarely is there a dull race. Drivers push their trucks to the limit and either make a move stick or end up with a pile of crumpled wreckage. Such was the story for Brad Lovell as he and the AMSOIL / BFGoodrich Tires / Torchmate team took home two wins this weekend including the Traxxas Cup.

The weekend started with disaster as an axle shaft broke during qualifying causing Lovell to start in the back of the 18 truck field. “We run the best parts money can buy and this was the last planned race on this set of shafts,” explains Lovell, “Lessons like this take years to learn.” Undeterred, Lovell took to the track and charged through the field for a 5th place finish. “After the issues during qualifying plan B was to get in the invert for Saturday. 5th place set us up real nice.”

In the final round of regular season racing, Lovell would line up on the front row, outside. In pole position, Rafael Navarro got mired in some heavy dirt and Lovell got the jump. With the truck well tuned for the conditions, the team never looked back and led the race flag to flag. “It is always great to win one! I was calm, I had trust in the truck and the team. We led every lap of the first race of the year then threw it away right before the finish. We held on this time and am pleased I am still getting better as a driver.” Lovell Racing finished the 2013 TORC Pro-Light Series in 3rd place.

With the truck in top condition and nothing to loose the crew worked quickly to get back out for the $15,000 Traxxas Cup. As fate would have it, Lovell lined up in the same spot as the previous race but this time was unable to get the jump on Navarro. “We went into the first turn in traffic and nobody was going to lift. I took it wide to avoid contact and got a big run into the next jump. The truck kicked hard and I thought I was going end over end. Thats the thing about short course…. the line is so fine between hero and zero. You are forced to take those risks to defend your position. Anyway, this time I got lucky and it decided to land on the wheels.”

The battle would continue for much of the race with Lovell, Navarro, Greaves, and Morris all dicing it up. After 14 laps the others fell back and Lovell ended the race with a strong lead to capture his first Traxxas Cup victory. “This is great going into the off-season, this energy and this team,” exclaimed Brad,  “What is really special to me personally is that Dan Huseman, who is Rick and Jeff’s brother, was here with us in March helping set the truck up for this course. To come back now and win the Traxxas Cup in honor of Jeff Huseman is a great way to honor the family.”

The season is winding down for Lovell Racing but not before a couple special events including the Dirt Riot National Finals in Bridgeport, TX Oct 12th. Roger Lovell will pilot the #1 AMSOIL / BFGoodrich Tires / Torchmate rock racer in hopes of taking home the national title.

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