Kailub-Russell-GNCC-Win-9-23-13Foxburg, PA – Factory FMF/KTM rider Kailub Russell took his fifth consecutive win of the season in the GNCC XC1 class and strengthened his points lead in the series while his teammate Maria Forsberg won her seventh race of the year in the GNCC Women’s class at the eleventh round of the GNCC Series, dubbed “The Gusher.”

Track conditions were muddy from the three inches of rain received the night before the event and Forsberg got the worst of it as she lined up for the morning race. She jumped off to a decent start and quickly worked her way up front and into the lead. She led every lap of the morning race, continuously putting time on the rest of the riders. When the checkered flag flew she easily coasted to a victory by a margin of 9 minutes and 10 seconds over the next closest female competitor. Her time was also decent enough to give her the overall for the day out of all morning classes.

“I really liked this course,” stated Forsberg. “Whenever I hear that there is going to be a mud race I get excited because I live in Washington and that is all we really ever get to ride in.” Forsberg was joined on the podium by fellow KTM riders Kacy Martinez and Sarah Baldwin. After achieving seven victories this season, Forsberg will be able to wrap up the championship at the next event if she starts the race.

In the XC1 class, it was Factory FMF/KTM rider Charlie Mullins who grabbed the early holeshot and led the first lap. He was followed closely by Russell. The two teammates set out to do what they do best, which is challenge each other for three-hours. The teammates never lost sight of each other for the seven lap race. Russell passed Mullins on the second lap to take over the lead and Mullins passed him back on the fifth lap of the race. On the final lap the two riders were neck and neck battling for the win. Unfortunately, Mullins struck a tree and lost his brakes part way into the last lap. He stopped in the pits for some help and lost some time to Russell. Russell continued to race a trouble-free ride out front and took his fifth consecutive win of the season while Mullins finished approximately 40 seconds behind him in second position.

Russell now holds a 10 point lead in the championship standings with two rounds remaining. Both riders will now head to Italy to race the ISDE. Mullins will represent Team USA on the Trophy Team while Russell will be a member of the USA Junior Trophy Team.

In the XC2 Pro Lites class, KTM support rider Grant Baylor, got off to a top ten start and struggled to pass riders on the slick and tight course. Around the halfway point he had moved into fifth position and was gaining on the third and fourth place riders and looked as if he might be able to land on the podium. Unfortunately, he encountered a rear brake problem and had to return to the pits for assistance. He lost a minute of time on the competition and eventually reentered the course and finished fifth for the day. Despite not landing on the podium, he still holds a comfortable 28 point lead in the championship standings.

Next Event: St. Clairsville, OH – October 12-13, 2013

Overall Results GNCC XC1 Class
1.    Kailub Russell
2.    Charles Mullins
3.    Thad Duvall
4.    Jordan Ashburn
5.    Josh Strang
6.    Chris Bach
7.    Takeshi Koikeda
8.    Adam Bonneur
9.    Rory Mead
10.    Mark Fortner

Overall Results GNCC XC2 Pro Lites Class
1.    Andrew Delong
2.    Jason Thomas
3.    Scott Grills
4.    Shane Hufford
5.    Grant Baylor
6.    Chris Douglas
7.    Samuel Evans
8.    Nick Davis
9.    Ryan Lojak
10.    Zach Love

Overall Results GNCC Women’s Class
1.    Maria Forsberg
2.    Kacy Martinez
3.    Sarah Baldwin
4.    Brooke Cosner
5.    Becca Sheets
6.    Hannah Otto
7.    Heather Cosner
8.    Karlynn Beam
9.    Allie Spurgeon

Overall Point Standings GNCC XC1 Class
1.    Kailub Russell – 290
2.    Charlie Mullins – 280
3.    Josh Strang – 190

Overall Point Standings GNCC XC2 Pro Lites Class
1.    Grant Baylor – 243
2.    Jason Thomas – 215
3.    Andrew Delong – 181

Overall Point Standings GNCC Women’s Class
1.    Maria Forsberg – 174
2.    Kacy Martinez – 172
3.    Becca Sheets – 157

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