Ultra4-Logo-9-16-13This letter was sent out last week from promoter Dave Cole regarding the Ultra4 National Championship Race. Since the letter went out, Ultra4 has sent another e-mail mentioning the TORC race in Primm from September 27-28 as a potential replacement. Here’s Dave Cole’s letter to racers:

I am writing this letter to all Ultra4 Drivers, fans, partners, and vendors.  The Ultra4 National Championship Race scheduled for 9/27/13 in Las Vegas has been canceled.  This is due to situations beyond our immediate control.  The Bureau of Indian Affairs operating permit that was being handled by the Land Manager will not be secured in time for either the Ultra4 or HDRA race.  I was notified yesterday at 11:00 AM PST and have been trying to find a resolution.

There were a lot of factors that led to this outcome and while I am confident that Ultra4 has done everything the proper way, it is still ultimately my responsibility for where and how we race.  I made the decision to change to this venue from our scheduled race in Texas because I believed it was the best option for Ultra4 and its drivers, and I am confident that we will race on the Moapa reservation in the future. King of The Hammers is often cited as a model of how to properly conduct races on public land, and I will not put us in a position of racing without all the proper permits and risk the vitality of our series and the credibility of our drivers. I am sorry for any inconveniences this has caused any of you.

What is next?  I have decided that relocating to another area near Vegas without any rocks would not be indicative of a true National Championship for our series.  Additionally, rescheduling till later in the year is difficult at best when you consider vacation time, other race schedules, and preparing for KOH.  The best alternative I can come up with is making the 2014 King of the Hammers the finale for the 2013 season.  This opens many other cans of worms but I believe it is better to work those issues than leave a championship undecided or abbreviated.

With that being the case, here are the immediate next steps.

·         Entry fee refund – Please email Shannon@Ultra4racing.com to indicate if you would like an immediate refund or to apply your entry fee to 2014 Griffin King of the Hammers.

·    Vendor refund – Please contact Chris@Ultra4racing.com  for any refunds of vendor and sponsorship payments for this race.

·         Room refunds – Please also confirm with Shannon that you won’t need your room with Treasure Island.  I will handle any and all cancellation fees that we may be liable for.

·         Tech Grandfathering – There were 17 new teams registered for this race.  I have to think several of them were racing to get in under the tech deadline.  If you are registered for Vegas, your car will be grandfathered to 2013 Tech Guidelines as if the race happened.  Physical tech inspection will be at KOH

·         USAC Fees – I will work with USAC to get your money back if you paid for a single race for this event

·         Qualifying spots – I will be reviewing the series points, contacting drivers, and will make announcement regarding who is qualified.

I have not spoken to Treasure Island regarding these developments.  Please give me a day or two to handle that situation without canceling your room reservations.

Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this creates.  Please know this is not an indication of ‘bigger’ problems.  We will race on Moapa land in the near future and our 2014 schedule is already in place.

I am out of the country at the King of Portugal race till next Tuesday.  I will be available by email sporadically until then and by phone upon my return.

Sincerest regards


For more information, visit www.ultra4racing.com.

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