Alumi-Craft-Crandon-9-6-13Crandon, WI – Every fall the Traxxas TORC series heads to Crandon International Off-Road Raceway for their World Championship weekend. The event is loaded with special events including a parade through the middle of Downtown Crandon. Winners on the weekend are crowned World Champions and receive a trophy, prize money and a Champions ring along with worldwide recognition. The World Championship is separate from the Traxxas TORC series season-long Championship. Alumi Craft racers won them both.

To take the Traxxas TORC season Championship in the Pro Buggy class Luke Johnson only had to take the green flag on Saturday to clinch the title. Luke started his first season in the Pro Buggy class by taking his Alumi Craft to five wins in a row. He was battling for the lead in his sixth race when he got tangled up with another car that dropped him to seventh at the finish. He bounced back from that race with another three wins in a row making it eight wins on the season.

His weekend in Crandon did not go well but he accomplished what he set out to do, win the TORC Championship. “I was making a little weld on the car and the ECU got fried,” says Luke, “We replaced it before the race on Saturday but it malfunctioned after two laps causing us to finish last. Fortunately it was all we needed to win the Championship. We could have fixed it for Sunday but the car is for sale; I am racing Prolite next season. My Alumi Craft has been awesome all season. Winning this Championship has opened a lot of doors for me, I am so happy with my choice to run with Alumi Craft.”

The TORC season Championship went to Luke Johnson but the World Championship race was dominated by Bradley Morris. Morris is not a TORC regular but he went to Crandon and won convincingly; both days.

“The suspension was good right out of the box,” said Bradley, “We could have softened it up a little but I didn’t want to mess with my Lucas Oil Series set-up.”  Bradley sits in second place in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing series and has a race Sept. 20th in Las Vegas. Bradley not only won both days in Crandon, earning a World Champion title but he also set the track record; a little reminder for the Crandon regulars to think about after he’s gone.

On the track or in the desert, Alumi Craft is committed to providing you with a competitive and reliable vehicle that exceeds your expectations. If you demand the best, give Alumi Craft a call at 619-596-9841 or go to: to find out more about our race products and services.

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