Troy-Retzlaff-Crandon-9-3-13Crandon, WI – The B & L Sand Toys Sportsman Trophy Race had four different Sportsman Truck divisions competing for nearly fourteen thousand dollars in cash and products. The eight lap sprint was the featured race of the Forest County Potawatomi Friday Night Thunder program during the opening day festivities the Labor Day Weekend Crandon Off-Road World Championships. The field of Sport 4, Formula 4×4, Super Truck, and Super Stock racers set a blistering pace as Troy Retzlaff in his Super Truck raced through much of the field to win the inaugural event.

The eight lap event saw the three groups of racers lined up for the infamous land rush start as the Super Stock Trucks had thirty five second head start on the Formula 4×4/Super Truck group and the faster Sport 4 trucks left the line another forty seconds later.

The handicapping of the group worked nearly to perfections as the top four finishers were represented by the four different TORC Sportsman classes. The record Friday evening crowd witnessed not only the first ever Sportsman Heavy-Metal event, but the race itself was truly exciting.

Early on the Super Stock group looked like they might have the winner among their class. As the finish gradually approached the three faster classes had drivers that began pressuring Super Stock Truck racer Danny Beauchamp.

With just under two laps to go Troy Retzlaff, overtook Beauchamp for the lead. Then with less than a half a lap to go, current Formula 4×4 Champion Brad Lemarche moved around Beauchamp for second.

At the finish Retzlaff to the win, with Lemarche in second, Beauchamp, in third, as a fast approaching Al Drews in his Sport 4 crossed the finish in fourth.

The win was the first for the second year racer, Troy Retzlaff as his Toyota ran a near perfect race. Brad Lemarche starting alongside Retzlaff in the second group really showed the speed of his stock frame four wheel drive Bronco as he ran some of the fastest laps of his Crandon racing career. Third place Danny Beauchamp lead the field for a couple laps before the much faster racers made it to the front of the field. Al Drews starting nearly seventy-five seconds behind the first group made up the most amount of time, but ran the checkered flag came out just as he was challenging for the final podium position.

Troy Retzlaff went home with $3000 for the win from B &L SAND TOYS, $1500 product certificate and a $1500 product certificate from BDS Suspension.

Second Place Brad Lemarche cashed a $2000 check from B & L SAND TOYS, as Danny Beauchamp was awarded $1000 from the title sponsor as well.

The Forest County Potawatomi also contributed $500 to each of the top four finishers the top four finishers.

TeamTech Motorsports, R2C Performance, and Allstar Performance all contributed product certificates ensuring every racer that took the green flag was rewarded for the incredible show that the racers created.

B & L SAND TOYS Sportsman Trophy Race Final Results (Lead Lap Finishers)
1. Troy Retzlaff -Super Truck
2. Brad Lemarche – Formula 4×4
3. Danny Beauchamp – Super Stock Truck
4. Al Drews – Sport 4
5. Garret Loeher – Super Stock Truck
6. Larry Maciosek – Super Stock Truck
7. Don Demeny – Super Stock Truck
8. Milan Mazanec – Sport 4
9. Dave Miah – Formula 4×4
10. Scott Heikkila – Super Stock Truck
11. Alex Hinze – Formula 4×4
12. Dale Chestnut – Formula 4×4
13. Dave Demaegd – Formula 4×4

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