Lovell-off-road-crandon-9-3-13Crandon, WI (Sept 3, 2013) — The Big House was as big as it has ever been this past weekend with sellout crowds and an overflowing pit. 24 of the best pro-light drivers raced for the chance to stand atop the podium at this Superbowl of off-road racing. In driver Brad Lovell’s own words:

This is weekend was no doubt the biggest and most competitive pro-light race we have entered and a chance to prove ourselves against the best in all of short course. We were desperate to get in the invert during qualifying to get a good position for the land rush start. We barely managed that by qualifying 6th which put us right where we wanted to be.

During the race we pushed hard and battled to get on the podium. There was plenty of banging with other trucks and the recent rain brought a lot of rock to the surface. I took a big one right in the helmet and thought it broke my visor. Other rocks nearly ripped the roof off, damaged ducting, and broke the screen on my data logger. More flying rock than I have ever seen! We finished 4th which I am proud of considering the battle we went through to get it.

On Sunday we were able to hit the setup dead on and got a great launch off the line. We got through turn #1 in the lead and never looked back. A gap developed behind me and I was on a mission to maintain the lead. Eventually a truck got inside and took my line on the finish line turn. We battled for the next couple of laps and I got knocked to the outside of the turn and couldn’t see the wall in the sun. I had to slow which put us in 3rd or 4th at the mandatory caution.

We went for broke after that and unfortunately got tangled up with a damaged truck in the barn turn. A broken weld on his rear bumper caused some jagged tubing to go through my door and into the oil tank causing a big fire. We were forced to stop while running in 3rd with only a lap to go. Many thanks to the Crandon track crew who immediately put it out saving me a lot of grief! Bad luck happens, we have had more than our fair share of it this year, and look to finish strong in Primm. We are still 3rd in points and have a lot of test time at the Primm track.

Look for more news soon from Lovell Racing as Roger will tackle the Ultra 4 National Finals on the north side of Las Vegas on the same day Brad runs the final TORC race of the season just south of Vegas Sept. 27 & 28.

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