Tireballs-GNCC-Off-Road-8-30-13The partnership between TireBalls and Amsoil Grand GNCC is celebrating a “Decade of Winning Championships.”  David Coombs vision of promoting motorcycle racing back in the mid 1970s has now launched to a one of the premier racing series drawing global recognition as the racing platform of choice for those willing to take on the challenge.

TireBalls existence started with a GNCC legend, Scott Summers, the son of the inventor of TireBalls.  Wade Summers effort to help his son tackle the rough terrain and flat tires resulted in the birth of TireBalls Multi-Cell Inflation System.  Like GNCC, TireBalls has grown to a global reach.  TireBalls is not only a light weight flat proof system, but they enhance a tires performance,  strengthen sidewalls, improved rider comfort, dampening the harshest of terrain and improving suspensions capabilities.

TireBalls can now claim winning results in some of the most challenging terrain in off-road history to include not on GNCC but the Baja 500 & 1000, Vegas to Reno, Ultra 4, X Games, DAKAR, Australian Safari, Rally Dos Sertoes, Albania Rally to name a few.

As the 2013 Amsoil GNCC series is down to 4 races left, the presence at the podium for TireBalls has reached an important milestone.  A staggering 100% of the podium finishes for the XC1 Pro ATV, XC1 Pro UTV, and the XC2 ProAM UTV had TireBalls as the product of choice in their toolbox.  Many other podium finishes for TireBalls included the Youth ATV Riders that position TireBalls to partner with the up-and-coming future legends of GNCC.
With Carrie Jo Coombs Russell at the helm of GNCC and the growing popularity in a family atmosphere racing genre will continue the worldwide exposure of this great series.  The Tire Ball Company wants to thank all those that believe in their product and winning for decades to come with the continued partnership with GNCC.

For more information on Tireballs, visit the company’s website at www.tireballs.com.

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