Jason-Voss-KC-HiLites-8-29-13The Best In The Desert General Tire “Vegas to Reno” is the longest off-road race in the United States. From deep silt beds to steep mountain trails, it covers nearly 550-miles of the toughest terrain the state of Nevada has to offer. The KC “Dirt Tribe” rose to the challenge and went home with 5 class victories including first overall by Jason Voss in his Ford Trick Truck.

KC Dirt Tribe driver Jason Voss got the race weekend started off by nearly claiming the pole starting position at the Time Trials on Wednesday. Voss had the quickest time by 3-seconds, but he received a 15-second penalty for clipping a course marking cone and that dropped him down to a 12th starting spot for the race. By the end of race day, Jason had beat out 59 other Trick Trucks and unlimited Class 1500 cars to take the overall victory and Trick Truck class win.

Other KC Dirt Tribe Trick Truck drivers also fared well. 2012 Trick Truck Champion Steve Sourapas, subbing for an ill Rob MacCachren, brought the #6 Corona Ford F-150 in for fourth in class followed by Team Ford owner Steve Olliges for fifth.

Dirt Triber Randy Merritt collected his third consecutive Vegas to Reno win. The last two coming at the wheel of his bright yellow KC HiLiTES Class 7200 Ford truck. At the finish Randy said he believed this race was won in the shop as they only stopped for fuel and one tire change. Also coming up with a Class 7200 podium finish was fellow Dirt Tribe driver Shawn Giordano in his Fabtech Motorsports Ford truck.

KC Dirt Tribe racer Bryan Folks earned the Class 1100 win. Bryan piloted his Ford powered Banning Motorsports desert car to victory for the third year in a row. On the podium, he credited his KC-PODs for extending the daylight brightness well into the night and finish line.

Perry Coan took the win over a large field of Class 6000 trucks in his KC backed TrophyLite. The fifth KC Dirt Tribe class win of the long day and night was captured by defending class champion Steve Alexander in his KC yellow Class 5000 unlimited Baja Bug.

In Class 8000, Macrae Glass drove to a second place finish in his KC HiLiTES Ford F-150. At the finish line, Macrae said being stuck in a deep silt bed for over half an hour probably cost him the win.

Vegas to Reno was a great way to start the second half of the Best In The Desert season for KC Dirt Tribe athletes. And with the success they experienced, it’s easy to see why winners light up their way with KC.

Next up for the KC Dirt Tribe racers will be the Blue Water Desert Challenge, October 11-13, in Parker Arizona. This race features two full days of non-stop racing action and is extremely fan friendly. It a great time to take in the race during the day and hang out along the beautiful Colorado River at night.
KC Dirt Tribe Vegas to Reno Results:

First Overall – Jason Voss
Trick Truck
Jason Voss, 1st
Steve Sourapas, 4th
Steve Olliges, 5th

Class 7200
Randy Merritt, 1st
Shawn Giordano, 3rd

Class 1100
Bryan Folks, 1st

Class 6100
Chad Hall, 2nd

Class 6000
Perry Coan, 1st
Ben Abatti, 2nd
P.J. Guglielmo, 3rd

Class 5000
Steve Alexander, 1st

Class 8000
Macrae Glass, 2nd

About the KC Dirt Tribe
The KC Dirt Tribe is a collection of world-class race drivers that demand the same commitment to excellence on both a personal and product level that we have at KC HiLiTES. It is also for those individuals who share the “Tribe’s” extreme passion for off-road motorsports and refusal to back down to any challenge.

For more information on the complete line of KC lighting products and accessories visit: www.kchilites.com.

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