Kyle-LeDuc-Lucas-Oil-Rigid-8-28-13Rigid Industries makes the toughest lighting products on the planet. During rounds 11 and 12 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, their torture team short course racers dominated on one of the toughest courses; Wild West Motorsports Park in Reno, Nevada. The Wild West course climbs high into the surrounding hills only to plummet back down into the valley below. Racers drop perilously down steep faces before launching full speed off huge table-top jumps. The course rewards those who go wide open.

The “General” Brian Deegan and Casey Currie, both Prolite champions, kicked it off for the Rigid Industries Torture Team with solid results in the V8 powered Prolite trucks. Casey finished eighth in round 11 and bettered his place in round 12 taking the seventh spot.

Brian Deegan barely missed the win getting the second spot on the podium. He backed that up with another second place in round 12.

In Pro-2, (two wheel drive, 600-800 horsepower full-size trucks) Deegan would get his due with a win in round 11.

Kyle Leduc finished fourth and the “Hart Attack” Marty Hart finished sixth. In round 12 Deegan had a target on his back. He still ran out front and finished second for his fourth podium finish in four races. Kyle and Marty finished in the identical spots they occupied in round 11; Kyle in fourth and Marty in sixth.

The Pro-4 class is similar to the Pro-2’s but they run four wheel drive. Instead of pitching the back of their trucks out in the corner they dive head first through the turn and use all 800 horses to pull them through. The only Rigid Industries Torture Team member in Pro-4 is Kyle LeDuc. Fortunately, that’s all it takes. Kyle killed it winning both rounds back to back; Kyle’s third win in a row.

“We smoked ‘em, that’s what happened,” Kyle said as he exited his truck on Sunday. It was a great race; doubled down, whoo!”  Later Kyle reflected further. “Reno is one of the fastest and most aggressive tracks on the planet and we owned it.”

Rigid Industries makes every light to withstand the toughest conditions you can imagine right here in the United States. When it comes to the design and manufacture of their lighting products, they display the same commitment and determination to be the best that their Torture Team exhibits on the track. When you demand performance and rugged durability there is nothing that compares to Rigid Industries LED lighting. For more information on all their technically advanced lighting products go to

Photography By: Brian Binkert

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