Baja-Rally-8-28-13ERENDIRA, BAJA CA, MEXICO – announced today that KLIM Technical Riding Gear will present the Inaugural BAJA RALLY this October 3-6 as title sponsor for the highly anticipated event which has drawn the interests of Baja off-road stars Johnny Campbell, Larry Roeseler, Andy Grider and Ricky Johnson. Idaho-based KLIM is the global leader in advanced motorsports apparel for the motorcycle and snowmobile rider and racer.

“Having KLIM as our partner on this groundbreaking event validates our mission to create a unique and unprecedented rider experience while promoting cultural awareness and tourism in BAJA CA”, explained BAJA RALLY director, Scotty Breauxman. “We align perfectly with KLIM’s commitment to building the best riding gear for the ultimate riding experience. This is a very meaningful partnership for the sport of motorcycle rally-sport in North America.”

“Those of us who ride from dawn to dusk in changing environments and climates can understand the difference between normal riding gear and KLIM”, Breauxman continued. “Just as important is the durability of the KLIM product in a notoriously unforgiving landscape such as BAJA. Normal gear simply does not hold up the way KLIM does.”

KLIM has a handful of riders participating in the BAJA RALLY including Ned Sueese, Enduro 360’s Chilly White and Rally Moto Kit’s Chris Vestal.

The Inaugural BAJA RALLY is the first ever roadbook-navigation based “rally-raid” for motorcycles to be held in Baja and will take place on a series of secret course routes beginning in the historically rich wine country of Santo Tomas and ending in the agricultural center of San Quintin.  More information about BAJA’s newest motorsports experience at

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