Sheldon-Creed-Lucas-Oil-8-9-13“The Prodigy” Sheldon Creed and the entire OCCR crew made their way to Glen Helen Raceway with a bright new look and bold new statement.  The AM Ortega OCCR crew isn’t afraid to push the limits of what has been done before and where “The Prodigy” needs to be.

Entering Rounds 9&10 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series with his brand new livery, not only did Sheldon Creed come to San Bernardino California flying his bright new colors, he also made a huge statement with his newest title sponsor; Traxxas RC.  Creed will take this added support of the #74 Traxxas AM Ortega Pro Lite and combine it with his desire to win and raw talent in order to make an unstoppable package on the track and in the pits.

Heading into Glen Helen, Sheldon Creed sat 2nd in the championship points standings and knew he needed to be a top competitor in order to remain in contention for a championship at the end of the year.  After qualifying 3rd for Round 9, Creed started on the 2nd row with Bradley Morris and the 2012 Pro Lite Champion RJ Anderson starting on the front row.

When the green flag dropped it was absolute chaos the moment they crossed the starting line.  In the melee Sheldon fell back to 6th position before coming back around onto the main stretch for lap 2.  Just as Creed made his way though lap 2, a full course caution was called and Sheldon quickly realized he had lost all radio contact and would be forced to drive the remainder of the race without a spotter.  Quickly re-strategizing, Sheldon began to pick off his competition one by one.

Halfway though the race, Sheldon Creed had managed to position himself just outside of podium contention in the fourth place position.  This obviously wasn’t good enough for “The Prodigy” Sheldon Creed.  Creed pushed the #74 Traxxas AM Ortega Pro Lite to the absolute brink and secured himself within the top three.  Creed would continue to run with the leaders for the remainder of the Pro Lite main event and secure himself a very well respected 3rd place finish.

Former Pro Lite World Champion and future Off-Road Hall of Famer Johnny Greaves once said,  “The difference between being the fastest guy on the track and ending up on your lid is; one inch.”

In Round 9 Sheldon Creed found that inch and put down some of the fastest lap times we saw all weekend long.  In Round 10 Creed found that breaking point one more time, except this time, it wasn’t for the better.  2 laps into Round 10’s racing action, Creed would find himself running head to head with race leader Bradley Morris.  Unfortunately for Creed, just a few laps later he would end up on his roof in turn 4 after suffering damage to the front end of the #74 Pro Lite ultimately ending Round 10 for “The Prodigy”.

Sheldon Creed went on to say, “The crew and I worked hard this weekend to get up on the podium. Saturday turned out to be a pretty smooth race, but we didn’t end up with as much luck on Sunday. After some rough racing and bumping around, our night got cut short.”

Sheldon was able to collect some valuable Championship points in Rounds 9&10 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series and secure himself within the top 3 in Championship point standings.  “The Prodigy” Sheldon Creed sits just behind the 2011 Champion and Freestyle Motorcross superstar Brian Deegan and the 2012 LOORRS Pro Lite Champion RJ Anderson.  Sheldon Creed and the #74 Traxxas AM Ortega Pro Lite will make their way to the Wild West Motorsports Park in Reno Nevada on August 23rd-25th for Rounds 11&12 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series in an attempt to close the gap on Deegan and Anderson.  Sheldon Creed is on the hunt for a championship with nothing to loose and nothing is more dangerous than being hunted down by someone with the will and the passion to make it happen.

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