BFGoodrich-6-1-11In one of the premier events on the schedule of the Traxxas TORC Series Presented by AMSOIL, BFGoodrich Tires continued its assault on the podium at Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, Ill. With five class wins and 12 podium finishes, drivers on BFGoodrich Tires claimed the most top finishes. Additionally, drivers on BFGoodrich Tires won nine of the 12 total sportsman class races.

Team BFGoodrich members Rob MacCachren, Bryce Menzies and Brad Lovell all collected wins in their respective classes. With Lovell’s win in Pro Light, his first of the season, BFGoodrich Tires is the first and only tire manufacturer to record a win in every class this season on the Traxxas TORC Series schedule.

“Our season has been rough,” Lovell said. “We’ve lost engines, we’ve had fires; we even broke before a race started out in the desert. Tonight is just vindication. We’ve been trying and struggling and you just get down.

Other highlights included Luke Johnson’s seven overall in the Pro Buggy season which helped him overall lead in that class. One of the wins included Johnson working from a sixth place start to take the lead just a few laps in and eventual win. Menzies leads the Pro 2 class standings after his victory, with MacCachren sitting second. Ricky Johnson, who had two podium finishes over the weekend, stands in second in the Pro 4 class.

Other firsts this weekend includes MacCachren’s first Pro 4 win of the season. MacCachren overcame a major challenge from CJ Greaves as the two exchanged lead positions several times during race in Round 10 before MacCachren was able to make a slide and pass with just a few laps remaining for victory.

“I just had to win this race tonight,” said MacCachren. “ My crew has worked so hard on this new Traxxas Pro 4 truck to get it right.  The BFGoodrich guys are working very hard grooving these tires and their engineers have been working endlessly on this new tire.  Winning this race was a must.  Johnny got around me and I told myself, ‘I’m not losing this race…let’s go Rob’.”

The next rounds of the Traxxas TORC Series will be held August 10-11 at Red Bud in Buchanan, Mich.

Round 9                                                        Round 10
Pro 4                                                                Pro 4
1.        Johnny Greaves                              1. Rob MacCachren
2.        Ricky Johnson                                    2. Johnny Greaves
3.        Mark Jenkins                                  3. Ricky Johnson

Pro 2                                                                Pro 2
1.        Keegan Kincaid                                  1. Bryce Menzies
2.        CJ Greaves                                          2. Keegan Kincaid
3.        Bryce Menzies                                    3. Chad Hord

Pro Light                                                        Pro Light
1.        Brad Lovell                                      1. CJ Greaves
2.        CJ Greaves                                          2. Keegan Kincaid
3.        Rafael Navarro                             3. Rafael Navarro

Pro Buggy                                                        Pro Buggy
1.        Luke Johnson                                 1. Luke Johnson
2.        Andy Zipperer                                     2. John Frana
3.        Steve Krieman                                     3. Steve Krieman

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