10 Items for Off-Road Camping

Camping Stove
A camping stove is a great backup plan in case campfires are not allowed in your area or fire is tough to come by. Many camping stoves run on small 1-pound propane tanks that are compact and easy to pack, and they are often found at gas stations and markets should you need more during the trip. A camping stove and a few propane tanks are small, compact and won’t take up a great deal of space. They’re great to have along even if just as a backup plan.


Portable Toilet
Sometimes portable toilets can make members of the group feel a little more comfortable about “roughing it.” They also are a good option for areas where you are required to clean up (literally) after yourself on the trail.

Camping showers can help get the dirt off after a long day on the trail. There are a number of options for showers that are simple yet effective, such as showers that rely on a large bag and uses gravity to create water flow. For more privacy, there are shower enclosures that can also double as a makeshift outhouse for your portable toilet.


Trash Bags
It’s your responsibility to clean up after your group, so trash bags should always be packed away in your camping gear. Aside from cleaning up food and rubbish, trash bags can can also serve as a makeshift poncho if caught in a freak rainstorm.

Some off-roaders may have seen the Trasharoo on the trail, which is a trash bag that will fit securely on a rear-mounted spare tire and can hold up to 50 pounds of trash. However you do it, just make sure you leave the trail and campsite as clean (or cleaner) than you found it.


Have any other useful items that are a necessity for off-road camping. Feel fee to share them in the comments section!

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