SCORE-Logo-12-20-11SAN DIEGO — Following the second of three races in the 2013 SCORE Desert Series, 44 of SCORE’s toughest drivers remain in the hunt to earn 2013 SCORE Toyota Milestone Awards.

Leading the way are 16 amazing racers in the featured SCORE Trophy Truck division, eight in Class 10 for open-wheel race cars and six in Class 1/2-1600 for single or two-seat open wheelers powered by 1600cc VW engines.

The 16 SCORE Trophy Truck drivers who have completed every race mile so far this season include the top five point leaders, four of whom are from Las Vegas: Bryce Menzies (No. 70 Ford F-150), Rob MacCachren, (No. 11 Ford F-150), B.J. Baldwin (No. 1 Chevy Silverado) and Tim Herbst, (No. 19 Ford F-150). No. 2 in points and also in the hunt for a milestone is the Mexican father/son team of Gus Vildosola/Gus Vildosola Jr., Mexicali (No. 21 Ford F1-50).

Over 300 entries, from 40 U.S. States and over 20 countries are expected to compete in 40 Pro and 7 Sportsman classes for cars, trucks motorcycles and ATVs in the season-ending 46th Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 1000. The final round of the three-race 2013 SCORE Desert Series will be held Nov. 13-17.

It will race over the northern part of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, starting and finishing in Ensenada.

Toyota is presenting these prestigious awards to the world’s toughest desert racers for the 28th consecutive year. The SCORE Toyota Milestone awards will go to those pro car and truck drivers who finish every required mile in the 2013 SCORE Desert Series, the World’s Foremost Desert Racing Series.

“Toyota is proud to honor the world’s best desert racing drivers,” said Les Unger, national motorsports manager at Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. “For nearly three decades, Toyota has had the privilege of presenting the SCORE Toyota Milestone Awards to the toughest racers on the planet.”

2013 SCORE Toyota Milestone Awards
(44 Racers have completed every required mile after two rounds in the three-race 2013 SCORE Desert Series)

SCORE Trophy Truck
Bryce Menzies
Gus Vildosola
Rob MacCachren
B.J. Baldwin
Tim Herbst
Juan C. Lopez
Gary Weyhrich
Steven Eugenio
Nick Vanderwey
Justin Davis
Troy Herbst
Greg Nunley
Heidi Steele
Armin Schwarz
Cameron Steele

Class 1
Cody Parkhouse
Justin Matney
Ronny Wilson

Class 1/2-1600
Ernesto Arambula
Eliseo Garcia
Jesus Velez
Francisco Escareno
Roberto Rabago
Christian Celaya

Class 3
Donald Moss

Class 5
Kevin Carr
Jose Lopez

Class 5-1600
Clyde Stacy
Miguel Rosales

Class 7
Dan Chamlee

Class 7200
Jonathan Brenthel

Class 7SX
Elias Hanna

Class 8
Derek Fletcher

Class 10
Mike Johnson
Brad Wilson
Mikey Lawrence
Andrew Myers
J.J. Schnarr
Peter Hajas
Mike Shaffer
Perry McNeil

Lonardo Rayos
Roberto Anda

Class 19
Matt Parks

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