Pro Motorcycle (Class 22) Winner Timmy Weigand
The JCR Honda team of Timmy Weigand, Colton Udall and David Kamo had some stiff competition from the KTM Bonzanza Plumbing team of Kurt Caselli, Ivan Rameriez and Mike Brown and the defending Baja 500 champs on THR Motorsports Kawasaki of Robby Bell, Steve Hengeveld, David Pearson and Taylor Robert. After injuries to Caselli (wrist) and Hengeveld (leg) during the race, the JCR Honda team earned the overall victory for the Baja 500 with a time of 9 hours, 46 minutes and 50 seconds.


“I know with KTM and Kawasaki we are pretty evenly matched and it all boils down to who makes the least amount of mistakes,” Weigand said. “That’s how it was last year. Each one of us won a race last year. Just limit your mistakes, put your head down, do your homework and learn the course.

“Today went well. We all rode smart and kept it on two wheels. I don’t think there is too much hype on us and I like it (being considered the underdog). I like people not talking about us. I like being the quiet guy. We’ve won in previous years so of course people are going to root for the other team and build them up. It is cool to have Kurt (Caselli) and Robby (Bell) and those guys putting in a big effort and coming down and racing us.”

Photo by Josh Burns

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