Rocky-Mountain-ATV-MX-Off-Road-5-28-13Ricky Carmichael, Inc. announced today that Rocky Mountain ATV/MC will be an Official Sponsor of RCU (Ricky Carmichael University) for 2013.  As an avid supporter of Powersports and supplier of motocross gear for over 28 years, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is proud to be a part of the high octane fun and motocross education that RCU brings to mx students each summer.

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC will receive high visibility at the event with on-track signage and class interaction affirming their tenure and expertise in supplying riders with everything they need to maximize their off-road riding experience.  DanThomas, CEO of Rocky Mountain ATV/MC said, “We’re thrilled to be involved in such a fun and educational event.  Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is a leading supplier of off-road gear and having this visibility reflects our commitment to the off-road industry.”

“Adding Rocky Mountain ATV as a sponsor to the RCU shows the commitment from the industry for our event,” says founding instructor Jeff Emig. “Giving back to the sport is the main reason we do the RCU and these type of partnerships are what our industry is all about.”

In addition to supporting the Ricky Carmichael University, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is proud to announce the opportunity for five customers to win a chance to attend RCU. Contestants will have the chance to put their name in to attend one of the classes that will be taught by the prestigious list of instructors including:  Jeff Stanton, Grant Langston, Ivan Tedesco, Jeff Emig, and Ricky Carmichael! Rocky Mountain ATV/MC will be providing lunch for all of the class attendees as well.

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