Loanmart-Elsinore-Lucas-5-15-13Lake Elsinore, CA – Every track in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing series has its own unique character. The Track in Lake Elsinore, California is dominated by a very steep take off ramp that leads to a huge table-top jump that dominates the center of the track. When the wind blows across the lake, it can get downright scary. Get it right and you become a fan favorite. Misjudge the take-off and you have a long time to think about it before you come down.

Speaking of coming down, If you have not had a chance to meet the LoanMart team in person, they will be attending the LoanMart pre-race party at the Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery at 26520 Ynez road in nearby Temecula on Thursday, May 16th at 6:00 p.m. The team will have tons of swag and be on hand to sign autographs and meet the fans. Corry Weller will raffle off a full door from her Pro4 race truck. “I’m really looking forward to the pre-party, especially since LoanMart is putting so much into it… AND it’s at the Tilted Kilt,” says Corry, “I am really looking forward to Elsinore. We made some changes to the truck, I can’t wait to see how we do out there!” The Tilted Kilt will have plenty of great food and drinks. In addition to all the fun, Master Splinter and the Shredders will be playing live music.

After all the fun, it will be time to get down to business for the team. For Oscar Rodriguez, it will be his first race at the Elsinore track. He has been picking things up quickly, like how hard to push it. He was up to fourth fastest in his group on Sunday in Las Vegas when he caught a rut and rolled.

Austin Kimbrell can’t wait to get to Elsinore. “My first time ever in a Pro2 was at Elsinore,” said Austin, “After Vegas, we proved we can beat the best. I am excited to get on the track.”

The previous rounds in Las Vegas saw the LoanMart team turning corners in more ways than one. They worked through some tough challenges to take home great results. Lake Elsinore will give them a chance to fly.

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