BITD-Alumi-Craft-5-7-13Alamo, NV – Chip Prescott and Ben Himel won the second race in a row driving their Alumi Craft Class 10 car to victory at the Best in the Desert Silver State 300 in Northern Nevada. The two won the brutally tough Mint 400 just over one month ago, one of the roughest races in memory. The race took a huge toll on all the competitors including Chip and Ben. They hit a boulder while blinded by the thick dust that blanketed the course. The impact peeled back the bottom skidplate and damaged the brake master cylinder. Even with the damage, the two remained competitive and went on to take the Class 10 victory.

At the Silver State 300, they would start seventh. Their plan was to get out early and avoid the dust that imperiled them so greatly at the Mint 400. At the drop of the green flag, their plan went out the window. “We wanted to get out in clean air as soon as we could,” said Chip, “The dust was really thick on the fast graded roads so it was difficult to close on the car ahead. We had to wait for sandy washes or hard-packed sections to close and pass other cars. Fortunately for us, we can maintain a fast race pace in our Alumi Craft and still have more to give when we need it. The minute the dust would clear, we would put the hammer down.”

The duo did their best to drive smart but it was just not possible to avoid taking some chances. They were following another Class 10 car waiting to pass when another Class 10 closed in on them from behind. Chip had no choice but to get up close and give the car ahead the chrome horn. The driver used good sportsmanship and pulled to the side letting him past. Expecting to have the other car on his tail, he pushed hard but never saw either car the rest of the day.

“I have to give a huge thanks to my friend Richard Glaszczak from Richards Performance Muffler,” said Chip, “He did all the repair work to the car after the mint and it performed flawlessly. My co-rider Ben was so crucial to our success this race. He called out the turns and the dangers so well, I was able to concentrate entirely on my driving. We have so much confidence in our Alumi Craft now after all we’ve been through in the last two races. We had no flats to our BFG tires all day and our FOX shocks were perfect. We have two races on our Mendeola trans now without even opening the case, our Mendeola is awesome.”

Chip’s win makes it three Best in the Desert Class 10 victories in a row for Alumi Craft. Championship-winning Alumi Craft race cars are engineered to perform at their best under the toughest conditions you will ever see whether on the track or in the desert. If you demand the best, give Alumi Craft a call at 619-596-9841 or go to: to find out more about our many race products and services.

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