Rocky-Point-Racing-4-10-13GILBERT, AZ: This weekend is the perfect time to head to Rocky Point, enjoy a afternoon poker run, a day of desert racing and then the warm and sunny beaches!  The Arizona Desert Racing Association continues it’s second season with the Thunder on the Beach Shootout desert race in Rocky Point Mexico on April 26th and 27th.  Friday’s Poker Run is open to anyone from 4-6pm for only $10 per vehicle.  Saturday’s race will be broken down into Sportsman classes in the morning at 9am, and Pro classes in the afternoon at 1pm.  “I can’t even stress how nice this area is.  It is on the other side of the border, but we have done a lot to ensure everyone’s safety, and the safety of your vehicles,” said Tim Jones, President of the Arizona Desert Racing Association.  “Trust me, it is worth it. The Sand Beach Resort area in Rocky Point is incredible.  I have been down there a couple of times setting up the course and it is going to be really cool.  It will be a 20 mile loop of fast sections with fun twists including a sand hill and a short course track in the infield.”

“Just like all of our races, this will be a fun, yet challenging race course for drivers.  We welcome all levels of drivers and have positioned our series for new racers to get their feet wet in the morning classes and the big boys to come out and make some dust in the afternoon class, all at a reasonable and affordable entry fees,” continued Tim Jones.

The racecourse consists of approximate 20 mile loops, with the afternoon pro classes running 7 laps and the sportsman morning classes running 5 laps.  The starting order is determined by when the driver registers.  Register immediately to be at the front of the class by visiting the “Pre-Registration” page at

The Friday Night Poker Run is a family fun event that allows drivers to pre-run the 20 mile course, while enjoying time with family and friends in a non-race pace environment.  Anyone is welcome to participate for $10 per car, UTV or any offroad vehicle, which buys one poker hand per vehicle.  The best hand of Poker by 6pm takes home half the pot!

Tech and Registration will take place at Thunder on the Beach Raceway on Friday from 1pm – 6pm and the Mandatory Drivers meeting will be at 7:30pm the Playa Bonita Restaurant Terrace The awards ceremony will be immediately following the race on Saturday at the Playa Bonita Restaurant Terrace. Happy Hour prices will be available from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Saturday morning’s race will start at 9am completing 100 miles, or 5 laps of the Rocky Point desert terrain.  The sportsman classes that will be running are: Mini Metal, 3000 Trucks, 7s Trucks, 9 Trucks, 5-1600 Buggies, Stock Full Trucks, Sportsman Buggy Unlimited and Sportsman Buggy Limited classes, 1450 Trucks, Stock Bug and UTV Classes.  ADRA uses a Grand Prix finish to determine the winners in each class, otherwise known as the driver with the most laps completed within their class.

Saturday afternoon’s race will start at 1pm completing 140 miles, or 7 laps of the course.  The pro classes include: Unlimited Truck, Class 1, Class 10, Class 12, ½-1600 Buggies, 6 Trucks, 5 Trucks, Heavy Metal Trucks, 8 Trucks, 7 Trucks, Ultra 4×4 and Trophy Lites.  Again, ADRA uses a Grand Prix finish to determine the winners in each class, otherwise known as the driver with the most laps completed within their class.

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