Jeepspeed-Logo-1-4-13General Tire and ATX Series Wheels are providing invaluable support to the Jeepspeed series and their racers. Their support of the series and the sponsorship of the Best in the Desert television broadcasts by General Tire are a huge asset to Jeepspeed and desert racing as a whole. The BITD TV shows expose the intensely competitive racing action in the Jeepspeed Challenge and Jeepspeed Cup to a worldwide audience.

Additional support in the form of cash payouts to racers has now come from Rubicon Express, Smittybilt and G2 Axle & Gear. These cash bonuses are especially beneficial to the racers because many already run the quality components from these manufacturers.

Rubicon Express, the Official Suspension of Jeepspeed, has been involved since the earliest days of the series. Their components were developed on Jeepspeeds, in competition. Jeepspeed racers can build their vehicle as they wish as long as it fits within the rules. Many choose to run Rubicon Express suspension components, the same suspension you can buy for your Jeep, because they have been so thoroughly proven in the toughest of racing conditions. Rubicon Express will pay a $300 cash bonus to winners who use a complete Rubicon Express suspension system and run their decal.

Smittybilt, the Official Offroad Accessary of Jeepspeed, will pay a $200 bonus to the winner who runs their decal.

G2 Axle & Gear, the Official Drivetrain Component of Jeepspeed is offering a $300 cash bonus to the winner who runs their decal and shows proof of purchase of their product.

Rubicon Express, Smittybilt and G2 Axle & Gear join a long list of manufacturers who support Jeepspeed racing. If you would like to compete in the Jeepspeed series, acquire the same quality products Jeepspeed racers use for your Jeep or learn more about the series in general go to:

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