Rigid-Industries-Davis-HDRA-4-11-13 Ridgecrest, CA – Rigid Industries racers powered through the dust and rocks at the HDRA King Shocks 250 in Ridgecrest, ca. to take the overall victory, three additional wins and several podium finishes. The overall victory and Trophy Truck class win went to the Green Army truck of Justin Davis. Justin used sound strategy to put him in position to win. He started seventh off the line and put in a blistering first lap when the traffic ahead was light. As the laps wore down, traffic, and the thick dust on course, continued to increase. He made his way to the front running second on the road behind the Terrible Herbst truck. Second on the road but first on corrected time, Justin did not want to risk a pass in the rocky terrain so he followed the Herbst truck to the finish line taking the win.

“Our day went flawless,” said Justin, “We started seventh and just kept the truck moving; picking them off. If you strayed off course there was a rock waiting for you. The Herbst’s gave us a run for our money but it was not enough to beat us. My Green Army Team had no problems; just an awesome day. We want to thank Rigid Industries for their continued support.” The glow from Justin’s green LED lights could clearly be seen through the thick dust on the course. The piercing green lights in Tim Herbst’s mirror must have tormented him the whole way.

The Class 10 victory went to the Rigid Industries backed team of Andrew Myers and Ross Savage in their Toyota of Escondido Action Sports, KRS Development team Alumi Craft to their second consecutive HDRA win of the season.  “What a great day,” said Ross, “We must have passed twenty cars on lap three, all in the dust, it was wild. We are going for the World Championship of Desert Racing so this win puts us in great shape in the standings.”

Rigid Industries racer Lucas Knecht has his own back-to-back winning streak going. He won class 1600 at the season opener, the South Point 250 and then took his second win in a row in Ridgecrest. The dust got really bad as the race wore on. With a bunch of big heavy trucks on course, it’s important for limited class racers like Lucas to be seen from behind. His Rigid Industries rear facing lights cut through the dust; keeping him safe from an accidental collision.

Jonathan Libby beat 24 other trucks to the finish line in a huge 1400 Sportsman Unlimited Truck battle. “We just started running Rigid Industries LEDs,” said Jonathan, “Our truck gets pounded. We need lights that will stand up to the abuse. When you are out racing against 24 other trucks that all want to win, my lights are the last thing I need to be worrying about.”

These racers all rely on Rigid Industries’ patented optical technology to give them the competitive edge they need.  To find out more about Rigid Industries’ many innovative products go to: http://www.rigidindustries.com/ 

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