FOX shocksEL CAJON, Calif. – A windless day allowed thick dust to blanket everything at the General Tire Mint 400 in Las Vegas, where FOX athletes used their superior damping performance to dominate a course that quickly degraded into huge, square-edged holes filled with rocks.

As each car passed, more and more stones that littered the ground were knocked loose, falling into the deep ruts. With conditions so rough, it was FOX athletes battling amongst themselves for the lead. FOX took the overall win, swept the podium in the Trick Truck class, won the unlimited open-wheel class (1500) and grabbed eight of the top 10 finishing spots.

“It was really rough right from the start,” overall race winner Bryce Menzies said. “We were battling all day with our FOX teammates Jesse Jones, Mark and Gary Weyhrich, Steve Olliges, and Rob MacCachren. The dust was so thick —­ some of it found its way into our engine. In the lead with a sick motor, all we could do was floor it and let our FOX shocks soak up the hits. We were surprised to get the win with so many FOX guys charging behind us.”

Second overall finisher Mark Weyhrich qualified outside the top 10, so they were in traffic immediately. After getting through traffic by Pit A on lap two, they began making up the time lost. A flat kept them fighting for third with MacCachren and still three minutes behind Jones.

“We passed them both on the last lap, but with the time we lost coming through the pack and the blinding dust after the wind died, we simply couldn’t reel Bryce in before the finish,” Mark Weyhrich said. “Our FOX shocks were flawless all day. To go through that level of punishment and not experience any fade is incredible. Thanks to the entire FOX shocks team for building such great products. We are honored to carry your badge.”

No. 1 qualifier MacCachren finished third in the Trick Trucks followed by Gary Weyhrich in fifth, Olliges, driving his brand new BFG Ford Raptor in sixth, Cameron Steele in seventh and Dan McMillin in eighth.

In the lead pack among all those Trick Trucks was Chuck Hovey who won class 1500 and finished sixth overall.

“We had one of those dream days,” Hovey said. “This had to be one of the most brutal courses ever. It was critical to run clean. In a single-seat car like mine, every time I get a flat, I have to get out and fix it myself. My FOX shocks took every bit of punishment but also gave me the control needed to pick my way through the rocks at speed. The constant punishment gave me rashes from the belts rubbing, but I feel great getting a win under such tough conditions.”

In class 1000, it was Chip Prescott taking the win and Greg Parker in third. Prescott hit a huge rock that peeled back the skid plate and broke the housing on his brake master cylinder. He drove most of the race without brakes.

“Your instincts tell you to slow down when the dust is thick and you have no brakes,” Prescott said. “Having the car-control my FOX shocks provide allowed me to keep pressing for the win.”

The results prove that even when the conditions are at their worst, FOX has the race-proven damping technology to put you out front.

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Name (required)Adrian April 4th, 2013 at 7:17 pm

The Mint 400 race was a huge success! Congrats to all Fox Athletes!

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