Jesse-Jones-San-Felipe-3-20-13One hundred and twenty five miles south of the U.S. border sits an isolated community, on the shores of the Sea of Cortez. But it isn’t the scenic views, the sport fishing or the Florida like temperatures that draw over thousands of visitors in the Month of March to San Felipe. It all comes down to one reason, off-road racing!

The 27th annual MasterCraft Safety Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 raced the desert of San Felipe on March 9th.  Over 250 entries were signed up for the year’s first big off-road race. It would be this race that would set the pace for most, for the rest of the season. With only 3 SCORE races taking place this season, it is important to first finish, but to also finish in a top drawing spot for the next race.

Jones Motorsports’ #76 FOX Trophy Truck team piloted by Jesse Jones, knows exactly how important it is to finish in a top spot. With weeks of prerunning, and also racing San Felipe 10 times now, Jesse was ready come race day. Trophy Trucks started warming up at sunrise and the non-stop sprint from start to finish began at 10:30am. Being the 20th of over 30 trucks to start, Jones had his work cut out for him. After passing several vehicles in the first 20 miles, those positions gained were quickly lost. Suffering from a flat tire and complications during the tire change, the #76 truck got back on course and charged hard to make up for lost time.

“FOX provides Jones Motorsports with the newest shock technology including the ECS (External Cooling System).  Code named “Cactus Cooler”, during exclusive development with our team, the system effectively drops fluid temperatures up to 150 degrees, allowing us to run at race pace the entire race without issues.” – Joe Weining Car Chief of the #76 FOX Trophy Truck

With the truck running great, Jones would charge hard to the finish.  4 hours and 40 minutes after starting, the bruised but not broken truck crossed the finish line. 35 trucks would start the San Felipe 250, 26 would finish and Jesse Jones held down a respectable 7th place finish.

Up next for Jones Motorsports is the 2013 Best In The Desert Mint 400. The FOX truck will again be put to the test against the heat and unforgiving southern Nevada desert. Visit for the latest updates on Jesse Jones or follow him on Instagram at @JonesTT76.

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