Jesse-James-Off-Road-Rigid-Industries-3-19-13Mesa, AZ – The latest addition to the Rigid Industries “Elite” drivers list is master fabricator and Trophy Truck racer Jesse James. There is nobody who is more particular about how things are made and how they perform than Jesse James. If he thinks he can build it better, he does. When asked about his Rigid Industries LED lighting, in typical Jesse fashion he simply stated, “These lights are brighter than @$&#.” Jesse doesn’t mince his words and he doesn’t settle for second best. He knows quality and performance when he sees it.

Jesse worked with some incredible fabricators and offroad racers on the set of his hit TV show Monster Garage. When he saw the quality of work they were doing and heard the stories of how challenging it was, Jesse had to check it out for himself. After his first race, he was hooked and has been racing in the desert every chance he gets ever since.

“When you look at Jesse’s Geiser Brothers Trophy Truck you can’t help but notice the trick spider web wheels and unique candy flames that lick across the hood and fenders,” says Damon Flippo of Rigid Industries, “Jesse’s truck stands out from all the others just like Rigid Industries custom LED lighting does. We think it’s a perfect match.”

Jesse will be racing his Trophy Truck in select races in the U.S. and Mexico. You never know where he’ll turn up but when he does, you can’t miss him. Go check out his custom Trophy Truck and his Rigid Industries LED lighting.

Photo By Brian Binkert

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