Alumi Craft racers Andrew Meyers and Ross Savage took their second win of 2013 beating 36 other class 1000 cars on a brutally tough Parker, Arizona racecourse. The Parker course is comprised of deep never-ending sand interrupted by harsh rocky sections that pound the cars for 425 miles.

“Ross drove the first part of the race,” said Andrew Meyers, “He was the 32nd car to leave the line and passed 18 other cars in the first 30 miles. On the second lap, we went 180 miles without stopping which put us into 5th. After a quick two minute driver change and a full tank of gas, we ran trouble free to the finish. Our Alumi Craft is so predictable in the corners and was working great in the high speed sections; we were able to put the hammer down.”

The Toyota of Escondido Action Sports, KRS Development team takes the class 1000 lead in the Best of the Desert series but has no plans to contend for the championship, they are concentrating on running for a World Championship of Desert Racing title this season. “When we heard about the huge turn-out for this race we decided to do a quick prep on the car and show everyone we are the fastest,” Andrew said with a chuckle.

“It was a picture perfect race for us,” said Ross, “We had a dominating win at the HDRA South Point 250 but there is always a question in your mind whether you were so much better or the others had problems that held them back. This confirms it, we have the car and the team it takes to win, we can’t wait for the SCORE Desert Series race in San Felipe March 8-10.”

The Mattox brothers Ryan and Ross had a trouble free run to win in class 2000 but that doesn’t mean it was easy. Ryan started 9th off the line and quickly worked his way towards the front on the first lap. “I caught and passed two cars by pit one,” said Ryan, I then got into a great battle with Hank Winter after the Goat Trail. We exchanged places back and forth until I passed him for good near the Parker Python.” After taking over the driving chores, Ross was 10 minutes down to the leader. He had his own fierce battle with Blaine Conrad who ended up finishing in 6th place. “Our Alumi Craft was flawless as usual,” said Ross, “The lack of dust allowed us to run near full speed most of the day. The crew did a great job in the pits and thanks to Mom and Dad, Quechan Casino Resort, Alumi Craft, Major Performance and FOX shocks we were able to take the win.”

For Australian racer Andy Ryan, the Parker 425 was a once in a lifetime experience. Andy was in the states to pick up his newly completed Alumi Craft unlimited race car and decided to compete in the legendary race. While getting used to the dirt on this side of the globe, Andy rolled several times in a tough spot that claimed others during time trials. The car had a slightly wrinkled roof but no real damage.

When he started the race Saturday morning, the only thing out of place was the steering wheel but that’s because they drive on the opposite side of the road than we do. “It was our first time racing in America,” said Andy, “I can’t thank the Cooley’s and Alumi Craft for all they’ve done for us. I wrecked the car in qualifying so we had to start in the back but we really just wanted to finish. This course is a lot rougher than what we run in Australia. Besides a sticky throttle cable that was probably a result of the crash, the car has exceeded my expectations in every way. This car turns better than any car I’ve ever driven. I can’t wait to get the car back to Australia.” Andy was running well when the car in front of them crashed very hard. They stopped to make sure the other racers were ok. In Australia they allow you to deduct time spent aiding other drivers who need assistance. “We could have finished better but we were concerned for the other racers,” said Andy, “We are very proud of our 14th place finish out of 36 cars that started.”

The 1800 Sportsman class was won by Kevin Brown and Tom Vogt racing their KSK Electric sponsored Alumi Craft Prerunner. They did the required two laps of the course in under seven hours to take the win and second overall in the two lap race.

The results of the Parker 425 show once again that Alumi Craft’s intelligent design, superior handling and dedicated customer support gives you the competitive edge. Alumi Craft is committed to providing you with a competitive, safe and reliable vehicle that exceeds your expectations. If you demand the best, give Alumi Craft a call at 619-596-9841 to find out more about our race products and services.

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