Colorado Springs, CO 2/1/13 – The Lovell Brothers are on their way to the first event in 2013 that is also the biggest rock race of the year – King of the Hammers. The newly minted #1 AMSOIL Rock Racer has been refurbished and outfitted with the latest innovations from the best brands in the business.

Lovell Racing welcomes back their group of dedicated team sponsors for their rock race program including AMSOIL, Torchmate, BFGoodrich, 4 Wheel Parts, and Spidertrax. “It’s pretty cliche to thank sponsors for their support,” comments Brad Lovell, “In our case we would not be racing without them. They aren’t supporters of the team, they are the team.” The brothers also welcome several new sponsors including Method Race Wheels, Magnaflow, and Ron Davis Racing Products.

Brad Lovell returns to King of the Hammers hungry for the crown. Joining him in the right seat will be brother Roger Lovell who forfeited his spot to instead race with his brother. Roger adds, “We are coming armed with the most versatile and proven truck in the field. We finished 6th last year but would have been right up there at the top if we hadn’t had mechanical problems.” In 2012 the pair fought 35 miles of total brake failure later combined with cooling system problems which took them out of contention for the win. The team has proven its a threat by narrowly missing the crown in 2010 by only 28 seconds.

Watch the team’s Facebook page and for updates during the week leading up to the race on Friday, Feb 8th. Live tracking of the race will be available on

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