Phoenix, Arizona – Just in time for the winter snow season, KMS has released the best solution for powering your Snow Bike. A complete bolt on turbo system for a stock KTM motor. Increase your HP up to 100 with this amazing system. This system offers unparalleled power with incredible throttle response. Turbo lag is less than 0.2 sec!

Extensive development and field testing has allowed us to optimize design and component location for the rugged use of the snow bike. So, whether your taking a tree line or high-marking with the sleds, this system will stand the test of time.

Our customer in Colorado has this to say, “It rips! Spent a few hours Saturday, and Sunday dialing in the bike. On the test hill (small grade with about 10″ snow to break thru, 10,000 ft elevation) the turbo bike would go thru all 5 gears then hit rev limiter in 5th. It spins the track so hard I never got it to hook up before I had to let off to slow down. Same hill we ran a 2010 YZ450 that could only pull 3rd, sometimes 4th. Now if it will snow here I can get some long rides on it and some real hills and deep powder to see how it holds up. Can’t wipe the grin off my face.”

KTM Snow Bike Turbo System Specs
· 450 Stock HP/Torque = 47HP / 30 FT/LB
KMS Turbo System @ 10 psi = 100hp / 49 ft/lbs torque
· 500 Stock HP/Torque = 49HP / 33 FT/LB
KMS Turbo System @ 10 psi = 93hp / 52 ft/lbs torque
· Unparalleled Quality and Stylish looks
· Proven Reliability
· Intercooler and pump gas upgrades available

Turbo system $ 5500. ships in 7 business days. Includes: all turbo system pipes, plenum, turbo, oiling system, fuel system, lockout clutch, and countershaft support. Skid plates can be built per request.

Additional items needed: rear heat exchanger (snowmobile style) These can be purchased directly through KMS Performance at 602-442-4340, online at

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