When the 2012 Best In The Desert race season got underway at the Parker “425”, twenty of the world’s top Trick Truck drivers had signed up for the second annual Trick Truck Challenge. Each participating team kicked in a $6,000 fee towards bonus prize money to be paid out to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Trick Truck finishers in each of the six Best In The Desert races, plus a year-end bonus.

For 2012, Steve Sourapas walked away with the lion’s share of Trick Truck Challenge bonus money along with the beautiful trophy that goes to the overall winner. Going into the last race of the year, the Sourapas entry, driven by Rob MacCachren, sat eleven points behind the truck of Mark Weyhrich. In order to win the Trick Truck Championship and claim the top spot among the participating Trick Truck Challenge drivers, MacCachren had to finish first and have Weyhrich come in no higher than third place. When the checker flag fell at the end of the Henderson “250”, that’s exactly how they finished; Rob MacCachren first, Mark Weyhrich third. So when the total bonus money was added up, Steve Sourapas ended up the big winner, taking home $54,500 over the course of the year. Mark Weyhrich was second with $32,000. Other drivers that took home Trick Truck Challenge bonus money over the year included BJ Baldwin with $16,000, Juan Carlos Lopez with $7,000, and Adam Householder, Jason Voss, Rick D Johnson, and Steve Olliges each with $6,000.

Casey Folks, director of Best in the Desert, said, “This was our second running of the very popular Trick Truck Challenge, and I congratulate all the drivers for stepping up to the plate and knocking it out of the park.” He went on to say that he expects 2013 to be a banner year for Best In The Desert and the Trick Truck Challenge to get even bigger. The 2013 season is just around the corner, beginning with the legendary Blue Water Resort & Casino Parker “425” in Parker, AZ, February 1st thru 3rd along the beautiful Colorado River.

Participating teams for the 2012 Trick Truck Challenge:
Adam Ashcraft, #78
Adam Householder, #24
BJ Baldwin, #1
Cameron Steele, #16
Greg Nunley, #10
Gary Weyhrich, #98
Jason Voss, #35
Jerry Zaiden, #75
Jesse Jones, #76
Jimmy Nuckles, #48
Juan Carlos Lopez, #18
Kevin McGillivray & Chad Ragland, #56
Mark Weyhrich, #9
Rich Voss, #36
Rick D. Johnson, #71
Ron Whitton, #39
Scott Whipple, #95
Steve Olliges & John Swift, # 28
Steve Sourapas & Rob MacCachren, # 6
Will Staats, # 42

2012 Trick Truck Challenge Winners:
Parker “425”
1st Place     Mark Weyhrich          $10,000
2nd Place     Juan Carlos Lopez      $6,000
3rd Place     Olliges/Swift          $3,000

Mint “400”
1st Place     Sourapas/MacCachren    $10,000
2nd Place     Adam Householder       $6,000
3rd Place     Mark Weyhrich          $3,000

Silver State “300”
1st Place     BJ Baldwin             $10,000
2nd Place     Sourapas/MacCachren    $6,000
3rd Place     Jason Voss             $3,000

Vegas to Reno
1st Place     Mark Weyhrich          $10,000
2nd Place     Rick D Johnson         $6,000
3rd Place     Jason Voss             $3,000

Blue Water Desert Challenge
1st Place     Sourapas/MacCachren    $10,000
2nd Place     BJ Baldwin             $6,000
3rd Place     Mark Weyhrich          $3,000

Henderson “250”
1st Place    Sourapas/MacCachren    $10,000
2nd Place    Mark Weyhrich          $6,000
3rd Place    Olliges/Swift          $3,000

Year-End Bonus (based on final Trick Truck points standings):
1st Place    Steve Sourapas         $3,500
2nd Place    Mark Weyhrich          $1,500
3rd Place    Juan Carlos Lopez      $1,000

Year-End Contributing Sponsor Bonus Money Awarded for 1st Place:
Steve Sourapas            $10,000 from TSCO
Steve Sourapas            $5,000 from Geiser Bros.

Further information available from: www.bitd.com

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