Your seats are as important to your safety as helmets and restraints, but they are often mounted in a vehicle and forgotten about.  The end of the desert and short course racing season is the perfect time to have your seating tuned up.  And this year MasterCraft Safety is saying “Merry Christmas!” to all of our loyal customers with free seat tune-ups through the end of the year. All you have to pay is the shipping!

What exactly does a seat “tune-up” entail?  MasterCraft Safety will remove the seat cover and inspect the foam, liner, and frame. Once the frame is found to be sound, the liner will be retensioned to the original factory settings. Any minor foam damage will be replaced. Minor repairs to the cover will be repaired and reinstalled to complete your 2012 tune-up. Should your seats require more than the basic tune-up, a sales representative will contact you with recommended repairs.

Want to add seat heaters or more lumbar to your existing seats?  No problem!  From the economical Sportsman to the top-of-the-line 3G, MasterCraft Safety can easily add these or a myriad of other options at the time of your tune-up, however please be aware that lead times may increase depending on the options added.

You are welcome to drop off your MasterCraft Safety seats at their Santee, California headquarters.  No appointments are necessary and most tune-ups are completed within a week.  If you are not in the immediate San Diego county area, please give us a call at 619.449.9455 as we may be able to assist you with arranging a drop off at a reputable MasterCraft Safety dealer.  To find a dealer in your area visit:

While the end of the season is the perfect time for a seat tune-up, MasterCraft Safety strongly recommends sending your seats in for inspection following any “event” or collision as well. MasterCraft Safety seat owners will also be notified if their seat frames are damaged.  Seat frames are never repaired, but they can be replaced for a fraction of the cost of a new suspension seat.

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