La Paz Racing took on the last and final round of the Best In The Desert (BITD) racing series in Jean, Nevada (15 miles north of the California/Nevada boarder) for the Transwest Ford Henderson 250.

Although the championship had already been decided for the La Paz Racing team for the third consecutive year, they made it a personal goal to go out and leave it all on the racecourse and leave no rock unturned.  They didn’t just want to win the championship; they wanted to win every race possible.  After three years and thirteen wins, they were looking to add number fourteen to the list at the BITD Transwest Ford Henderson 250.

A heads-up side-by-side start kicked off racing action. As soon as the green flag dropped, it was instant action from the green to the checkers.  Although it seems like a lot, 250 miles of off-road racing is considered a “sprint race”, imagine that!  Driver Tim Casey and first time co-rider Scott Casey (Tim’s 18-year-old son) left the starting line in their La Paz Cocktail Mix Ford F-250, instantly got out front, and off to an early lead.  It was pedal to the metal and no looking back.

The La Paz Racing crew knew they really wanted to win this race and didn’t want to make a small mistake that would cost them the race, any downtime on course could cost you the race, there just isn’t much room for error.  Casey rounded the open Nevada desert only to be flagged down by his crew as he was approaching his pit at the end of lap one.  Casey didn’t intend to stop and couldn’t understand why the crew was waving them into the pits.  Low and behold, a crewmember saw a deflating tire from a far and was able to direct the race truck into the La Paz pit in order to get it changed out.  Unfortunately for Tim Casey, as he sat in the pits getting his tire changed he quickly went from first place to second place in just under two minutes.  Settled in and ready to go, Casey and Casey had some time to make up.  The La Paz Ford F-250 was on a mission and first place was still in sight.

The last and final lap was quickly approaching but as luck would have it the La Paz Ford F-250 would suffer another flat tire and risk their chances of closing out the season with a win.  Casey’s regular co-driver Bill Rante noticed the low tire, as the truck was pitting for fuel. Thankfully, the La Paz pit crew was again able to get the big F-250 back on the road without loosing much time to the competition.

Tim and Scott Casey would go on to finish out the Transwest Ford Henderson 250 first in class and add yet another win for La Paz Racing in 2012.

“We have the best crew, we really do. If we had to change two tires on course without the guys help, we would’ve lost the race.  We wouldn’t be able to accomplish all that we have if it wasn’t for our crew. I just drive the thing, it’s the crew that are the ones that make it all happen, we couldn’t be happier right now” commented Tim Casey

Break out the La Paz Drink Mixers; it’s time to celebrate!

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